NEW RELEASE // Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star”


Last month we announced our first official album release by Northside Chicago producer Sev Seveer with an exclusive promo.  Since his feature on our third podcast, Seveer has quickly become one of our favorite up and coming producers of today.  Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star is a cohesive 30-minute song cycle on one track, it is his first official release since 2008 and we our honored to share it with you!

Beats of All-Nations presents Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star”

((Produced Live by Sev Seveer // Additional Credits: Uncle_EL & megiapa // Cover Art: RasOm))

Words By Sev Seveer:

Constant Elevation: Odessa Star is the soundtrack to my dementia-riddled late-grandmother’s journey through cosmic space at age 91.  It is the sonic narration of my experience caring for a person who has lost their mind.  A juxtaposition of the two circumstances that I find most terrifying- being lost in space with no control, compared to being an otherwise sober-minded person gradually witnessing the loss of their mental capacity– as I have come to imagine that the two circumstances may be very similar.

About 70% of the final product was recorded improvisational in two single-take sessions.  Ultimately I strung those sessions together along with individual additions and chose to go with a 29-minute recording as opposed to individual tracks— to further simulate a lack of control in a lost-in-space/lost-in-mind circumstance.  Thus, this release is truly for advanced listeners only.  It is not straight beats all the way through, in fact there are really only about 5 or 6 beats here.  The recording is more of a journey that explodes into beat music on occasion.

With the various parts I had the word “movement” more in mind:  there are 8 “movements” in CEOS, all of which are the main themes of the perception of Odessa’s experience.  The movements are: Confidence, Dementia/The Humbling, The Spiral/Reduction, Farewell, The Journey, Stress/Chaos, Finding Humor in Pain, and Clarity.

On the last sequence. Clarity, I had the opportunity to record the duet with megiapa, a Chicago-based Ohio born artist who is truly talented vocally and on production as well.  Look out for her! I’d like to also credit John Robinson (aka lil sci) for the lyric that provided the title and concept for this release. the lyric “Constant Elevation through the soundwaves and radio stations” is from “U.S.A” by Scienz of Life.

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Vibes & Stuff Radio: Beats of All-Nations (El Toro Negro, Mike Styles, Gabe Real)



On Sunday October 12th, 2014, Beats of All-Nations was featured on Vibes and Stuff Radio with guest DJ sets and interviews with  El Toro Negro (aka DVNTE), Mike Styles and Gabe Real.  We vibed on all sorts of levels fit for a sunny Sunday afternoon in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA.  We’d like give high praise to the entire Vibes & Stuff Radio Crew for having us and showing love in such a serious way.  We’re looking forward to the build!

Now check the session…


“Culture, Travel and International Digging!
The Fellas from Beats of All Nations really shine through selection and skill. Tune in and Shake it!” -Vibes and Stuff 


Re:Fresh presents FREAKBEAT! featuring Beat Cinema [Pomona]



SATURDAY October 25th

FREAKBEAT! featuring Beat Cinema

Live Performances by:

Repeated Measures



Guest DJ Sets by:
Rick G.


Re:Fresh Residents:
Mike Styles

Its that time of the year again, FREAKBEAT!, Re:Fresh’s Annual Costume Party returns to the Pomona Artwalk! Throw on the alter ego and flip the wig, the bass will be a bit deeper and the lights a bit dimmer for it only happens once a year.

Contests and giveaways all night for those in costume.

Pencil & Ink Flyer Design by: FalconXXIII

About Re:Fresh:

Established in 2008 Re:Fresh is the only place to be following EVERY ARTWALK in Downtown Pomona’s Art Colony, every 2nd and 4th Saturday.

A great collaboration of DJs who have for the last decade established themselves through the local arts community, with events like Foundations, A Mic and Dimlights, More Fire and the Lapa Lounge come together PLAYING THE BEST IN QUALITY BEATS, SOUL, HIP HOP, REGGAE, DANCEHALL, SOUL, FUNK, CUMBIA, SAMBA and everything else that moves bodies!


Celebrate your b-day with us…ask how.


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Review: Radius – Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan…)

Words By:  Mike Stylesa3632691143_10

Chicago is quickly becoming a big part of our network base.  Shout out to our cosmic-brothers Radius and Sev Seveer for getting our name out in their community after their feature on Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 003 released earlier this year.  Since making contact with these guys it has been great to witness and take part in their journey.  While we put the finishing touches on our first official album release Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star by Sev Seveer, we wanted to share the latest from Radius, Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan…), on his own label ETC Records.

Time Travel is Real is an album Radius created an album to build the anticipation of his upcoming expedition to Japan, where he will share his talents on an international level.  Always on the move, he created this project on the road, which he often calls “home,” from Chicago, to St. Louis and Honolulu.  Here you get seven songs for seven bucks, each one reflecting a different style that yet ties together seamlessly with the last.  Hooked from the jump on “Time Traveling 101 (Oahu to Osaka)” to “All Respects to Sonotheque” there is a real message in the music that may elicit a higher level of consciousness.  “One for Ferguson (Healing Factor)” strikes a cord with the current situation with Police and People relations and “Melanin Starburst” was recently featured on LeFtO’s Radio Show with much praise.  My personal favorite right now is “Aquatic Sunset Sirens”.  Though we’ve got the whole album on repeat at HQ right now and we know that you will too.  That being said we want to send Radius off with warm wishes in his journey traveling with his Beats of All-Nations.

“I hope that it serves as an inspiration to all those that listen. Supreme full circle energy reflection is the key. Stay strong & keep creating and pushing YOUR dreams to REALITY. Thanks for your support. Much respect. Enjoy and see you soon. ” – Radius

Beats of All-Nations on Vibes & Stuff Radio

photo 2-4This weeks episode of Vibes & Stuff Radio hosted by Trak Life will feature a Beats of All-Nations Takeover featuring the musical stylings of Mike Styles, DVNTE and DJ Gabe Real.

Listen Live from 1-4pm this Sunday October 12, 2014 at or the Trak Life App.


Re:Fresh [Pomona] Saturday October 11

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Established in 2008 Re:Fresh is the only place to be following EVERY ARTWALK in Downtown Pomona’s Art Colony, every 2nd and 4th Saturday.

A great collaboration of DJs who have for the last decade established themselves through the local arts community, with events like Foundations, A Mic and Dimlights, More Fire and the Lapa Lounge come together PLAYING THE BEST IN QUALITY SOUL, HIP HOP and WORLD RHYTHMS heavy on the BASS!




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Mix By Jimmy + Renegades of Rhythm

Words By:  Mike Styles for


Parallel to the current Renegades of Rhythm Tour with Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow paying tribute to Afrika Bambaataa and his legendary record collection, Cut Chemist drops the timely “Mix By Jimmy”.
Take a peak into the exclusive material from hip hop pioneer DJ Afrika Bambaataa.  “Mix By Jimmy” features recordings Bambaataa had pressed to acetate for spinning live at shows in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This mix includes entirely unreleased demo versions of hits like “Looking For The Perfect Beat,” “Renegades of Funk” and “Planet Rock. “
“This is a definitive mix of the deepest part of the deepest music collection of our time.”
-Cut Chemist
Catch the Renegades of Rhythm Live on Tour Now!

10/01 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues: TICKETS
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11/10 – Syracuse, NY – The Westcott Theater: TICKETS
11/11 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom: TICKETS
11/14 – Milvale, PA – Mr. Smalls Theater: TICKETS
11/15 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater: TICKETS
11/17 – Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre:  TICKETS
11/20 – Winnipeg, MB, Canada – Garrick Centre: TICKETS
11/21 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada – O’Brians Event Centre: TICKETS
11/22 – Edmonton, AB, Canada – Encore at WEM: TICKETS
11/23 – Calgary, AB, Canada – Flames Central: TICKETS
11/25 – Oakland, CA, United States – The Fox: TICKETS

Flyway at Fox presents Poolside (DJ Set) with SNBRN, Mike Styles & Gabe Real



Poolside began in early 2011 as the recording project of Los Angeles musicians Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. Nikolic was a Danish-born producer and DJ who spent some time as the bass player in Junior Senior before relocating to LA and Paradise lived in San Francisco playing out as a DJ and as the frontman of hardcore band the Calculators before also moving to LA. Duo members Nikolic and Paradise began honing their collaborative creations in a pool house that they converted into a makeshift recording studio, producing sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music. The group surfaced first in the form of a YouTube video for the catchy track “Do You Believe?” Poolside were soon gaining local and national attention, with underground DJs spinning their tracks at events and a growing online following. Throughout 2011 they made waves with the sound they were calling “daytime disco” through tracks like a reworking of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” as well as original tunes. In 2012 Poolside worked on a remix for longtime disco punks the Rapture and held fans over with a new single and video for a song called “Slow Down” as they prepared to release their debut album. That album, Pacific Standard Time, was released in July of 2012 on their own Day & Night label.





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Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star” [PREVIEW]

Words By: Mike Styles
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We are excited to announce that we will have the upcoming exclusive on Chicago producer Sev Seveer‘s first official release since 2008.  Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star, is a 30-minute soundscape in the form of a sound design driven beat tape for the scrambled brain. The release is best described as an audio narrative of 91 year old woman floating through space….Say what?!?  It is a composition inspired by Seveer’s Grandmother who dealt with dementia in her later years.  Sev connects on the deep frequency of a mind blown channeled through through his SP-404 on this forward thinking journey.  Scheduled for a pending release within a week, we wanted to jump the gun and share this this little teaser with you…