Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 009: Mixed by Co.fee

BOAN 009 CoFee Cover Art On episode nine of Beats of All-Nations Radio we are excited to bring to you a brand new mix from Los Angeles producer Co.fee. He’s been producing beats since 2005 and in 2011 he released his first EP on My Hollow Drum, titled Easy Listening, followed by the Bermuda EP released in 2012.  Co.fee brings a uniquely refreshing feel to the show with this drum heavy eccentric mix of music from the international community.

“This mix is basically a playlist of my favorite songs and artists that I am feeling at the moment.  I tried to keep it as diverse as possible.” -Co.fee


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Sounds & Pounds: Beats of All-Nation’s Newest Contributor, Porchlite!


Greetings World!

I’m Beats of All-Nation’s newest contributor, Porchlite (aka Mike B). It’s an honor to partner with Mike Styles on his endeavor to share great music with the world and am lucky that he’s provided me with an outlet to write about the music that I come across.

My writing chops are decent at best but I have a degree in digging and a Ph.D. in vibrology. I also DJ and produce music ranging from downtempo, gritty beats, funk, to house music (my SoundCloud link is below). I dig it all!

You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from me and I encourage you to send us comments and feedback, it’s the only way we’ll all get open and free up!

Here are the other spots on the interwebs where you can find me:

And to hold you over til my next post here is my October 2013 Top 10 chart (after the jump):
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