Words by:  Mike Styles 11402976_10153158198638515_5970895552181721580_n   Our pal and highly sought out Brazilian record collector and merchant from East Village NYC by way of Brazil is traveling with his amazing vinyl to Los Angeles!  Joel Stones is bringing the heat, spirit and legacy of his shop Tropicalia in Furs to Rappcats, pop-up location this weekend in Highland Park.

It’s been almost three years since Tropicalia In Furs has gone Underground to Otherworldly Constellations to dig for the known + Unknown Raw Beats.  Only you have the power to uncover the results of this Intergalactic Voyage.  The Vault will finally reopen on July 25 – 26 at RAPPCATS!!!

“I will bring tons of Brazilian records, 45s, LPs, some jazz, funk, soul, prog, psych, garage, boxes of 45s with good French, Turkish, African, Northern Soul, tons of crazy stuff.” – Joel Stones

With this road trip/record caravan of course comes a long-awaited mix of gems by the man himself, Abobora Mechanica, previewing some of the stuff that will be up for purchase at this very exclusive engagement.  We’ve been bumping this set all week, its a hour long and perfect for the season.  If you’re into collecting records from around the world, or new to the style you don’t want to miss this.  Take advantage, you won’t find original pressings and quantities from Brazil like this anywhere else in the city.  See you there!

Re:Fresh – Pomona Artwalk Afterparty with RADIUS ETC


December 13th 2014


Radius Etc
[CHICAGO, Beyond Luck]

– Re:Fresh Residents –

Brought to you by:
Beats of All-Nations
DOORS 9:00 PM | 21+ | No Cover!

dba256 Wine Bar Lounge
256 S. Main St.
Pomona, CA 91766

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Sev Seveer Featuring megiapa – “Clarity Sequence”

Excerpt single from Chicago producer Sev Seveer‘s latest, Constant Elevation: Odessa Star recently released on Beats of All-Nations.  “Clarity Sequence” is a spacey-bossa jazz jam with an awe-inspiring drum kit met with breezy harmonizations by megiapa, to balance the captivating lows.  ‘Clarity’ is one of eight sequences that completes Sev Seveer’s 30-minute composition .
Download:  Sev Seveer Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star
*photo by DJ Moppy

NEW RELEASE // Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star”



Last month we announced our first official album release by Northside Chicago producer Sev Seveer with an exclusive promo.  Since his feature on our third podcast, Seveer has quickly become one of our favorite up and coming producers of today.  Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star is a cohesive 30-minute song cycle on one track, it is his first official release since 2008 and we our honored to share it with you!

Beats of All-Nations presents Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star”

((Produced Live by Sev Seveer // Additional Credits: Uncle_EL & megiapa // Cover Art: RasOm))

Words By Sev Seveer:

Constant Elevation: Odessa Star is the soundtrack to my dementia-riddled late-grandmother’s journey through cosmic space at age 91.  It is the sonic narration of my experience caring for a person who has lost their mind.  A juxtaposition of the two circumstances that I find most terrifying- being lost in space with no control, compared to being an otherwise sober-minded person gradually witnessing the loss of their mental capacity– as I have come to imagine that the two circumstances may be very similar.

About 70% of the final product was recorded improvisational in two single-take sessions.  Ultimately I strung those sessions together along with individual additions and chose to go with a 29-minute recording as opposed to individual tracks— to further simulate a lack of control in a lost-in-space/lost-in-mind circumstance.  Thus, this release is truly for advanced listeners only.  It is not straight beats all the way through, in fact there are really only about 5 or 6 beats here.  The recording is more of a journey that explodes into beat music on occasion.

With the various parts I had the word “movement” more in mind:  there are 8 “movements” in CEOS, all of which are the main themes of the perception of Odessa’s experience.  The movements are: Confidence, Dementia/The Humbling, The Spiral/Reduction, Farewell, The Journey, Stress/Chaos, Finding Humor in Pain, and Clarity.

On the last sequence. Clarity, I had the opportunity to record the duet with megiapa, a Chicago-based Ohio born artist who is truly talented vocally and on production as well.  Look out for her! I’d like to also credit John Robinson (aka lil sci) for the lyric that provided the title and concept for this release. the lyric “Constant Elevation through the soundwaves and radio stations” is from “U.S.A” by Scienz of Life.

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Vibes & Stuff Radio: Beats of All-Nations (El Toro Negro, Mike Styles, Gabe Real)


On Sunday October 12th, 2014, Beats of All-Nations was featured on Vibes and Stuff Radio with guest DJ sets and interviews with  El Toro Negro (aka DVNTE), Mike Styles and Gabe Real.  We vibed on all sorts of levels fit for a sunny Sunday afternoon in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA.  We’d like give high praise to the entire Vibes & Stuff Radio Crew for having us and showing love in such a serious way.  We’re looking forward to the build!

Now check the session…

“Culture, Travel and International Digging!
The Fellas from Beats of All Nations really shine through selection and skill. Tune in and Shake it!” -Vibes and Stuff 

Sev Seveer “Constant Elevation: Odessa Star” [PREVIEW]

Words By: Mike Styles
photo 1-2


We are excited to announce that we will have the upcoming exclusive on Chicago producer Sev Seveer‘s first official release since 2008.  Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star, is a 30-minute soundscape in the form of a sound design driven beat tape for the scrambled brain. The release is best described as an audio narrative of 91 year old woman floating through space….Say what?!?  It is a composition inspired by Seveer’s Grandmother who dealt with dementia in her later years.  Sev connects on the deep frequency of a mind blown channeled through through his SP-404 on this forward thinking journey.  Scheduled for a pending release within a week, we wanted to jump the gun and share this this little teaser with you…

Beat of All-Nations X: AK1401

Alan Kinum better known as AK1401 wears many hats and is a good friend of Beats of All-Nations, in fact he edited some video of Quita Penas for us in the past. Working close with him, I have seen him take on tons of projects from all walks of life, even those he had no prior experience in. Kinum is the type to challenge himself in simply having the ability of doing something that has already been done by someone else.

He has taken biking to the extreme over recent times, participating in exhibitions, competing in national races and gaining attention for using bikes not built to take the punishment that he gives to them.  He builds his own courses on hidden public/private grounds and injures himself often in attempts to land next level tricks along the way. Without a second thought, he is always doing things out of his own comfort zone. It is first nature to Kinum, succeed or fail, it is always well worth the experience.

The video above is a compilation shot in the early early months of 2014.  This video spotlights AK1401 mountain biking some of his favorite spots all over the Inland Empire, Southern California.

Check out AK1401 on Instagram for much more!

-Mike Styles

Artist Spotlight: Low Leaf



Out of the chaos that is Los Angeles vibrates a light frequency named Angelica Lopez, better

known as Low Leaf . She’s a singer, song-writer, multi instrumentalist, producer, college

graduate and visitor to planet earth. To kill the long-windedness lets just call a star, a star. With

four albums under her wings and multiple European tours behind her already, its safe to say she

has found her formula. When I say multi-instrumentalist, I mean just that. She’s a classically

trained pianist, a harp and guitar player, with a knack for beats, and an ear for mixing. In my

opinion what she provides is a refreshing energy to a world of haphazard mechanical failures

and hard to breath air. Her music sounds as if she brought it with her from a distant utopia, it’s

beautiful, organic, electronic, acoustic and completely who she is.

On a song titled Paradise II she sings that there is a paradise in your soul, and about finding peace in the pieces

she has left on the ground. To say the least she’s complex, rich, in-tune, and overall, exactly what the

world needs more of.

I had the opportunity to ask Low Leaf a few questions and here’s what


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Coachella // Music On The Campgrounds

Coachella Campground Dome

If you are camping at Coachella or looking for something to do after-hours , be sure to check out the designated areas on the campgrounds where a handful of amazing independent DJs and producers, will be supplying the sound. The line up is heavy with a bunch of Inland Empire / (909/951) natives, including Beats of All-Nations’ own Mike Styles as well as members from Re:Fresh, Beat Cinema, More Fire Mondays, My Hollow Drum and more. We are extremely proud of all the artists playing the campgrounds and hope you get a chance to check them out from The Dome to The Turn Down!

Here’s the line up:

* Week 1
(No ‘*’) both weeks
Alf Alpha
Arti (My Hollow Drum, Beat Cinema) **
Co.Fee (My Hollow Drum) *
Danahan *
DJ Moustashe
DJ Fallen *
Erok (More Fire, Critical Beatdown) **
Gabba Gabba Heys
Gabe Real (More Fire, Re:Fresh, Beats of All-Nations)
Gypsy Mamba (Beat Cinema) **
Inglish **
Jimbo Jenkins (East of LA)
Lathon* (More Fire, Critical Beatdown)
Major Gape (Beat Cinema)
Marc Goldstein
Mike Styles (Beats of All-Nations, Re:Fresh) *
Repeated Measures  (Beat Cinema) *
Ron Sleezy (More Fire, Critical Beatdown) *
Rick2Fresh (Beat Cinema)**
Woody’s Produce
Photo by: Héctor Serrano
Enjoy and make sure to stay hydrated!

De La Soul & J Dilla: Smell the DA.I.S.Y (Da Inner Soul of Yancey)

I ask this question up front, how is De La Soul not the greatest Hip Hop group of all time?

Continuously creating from the jump with consistency, De La joins the ranks of the very few who have perfected a 25 years to life long career in hip hop, and we’re still listening. Given their deep and rich catalogue its hard to believe the group was without a label when Tommy Boy flopped. That only ignited their independent crusade releasing one of their most notable albums to date, The Grind Date (2004).

These Native Tongues remain amongst hip-hop’s top ranking, yet humbled and steady paying homage to the culture, as well as their respected colleagues. In case you missed it, peep how they paid tribute to the Spirit of the Wu less then a year ago.

On Valentine’s Day (2014), the trio waved their middle finger in the face of the industry once again and gave fans free downloads of their entire discography with remixes and instrumentals in celebration of 25 years of De La Soul. In addition they added a folder of photos from the archives (some shown above). And now they have delivered another free download this week, De La Soul & J Dilla – Smell the Da.I.S.Y (Da Inner Soul of Yancey). Pos, Dave and Maseo pay tribute revisiting classics with a new perspective and rocking strictly over mostly unreleased J Dilla beats. With these good tidings the group brings news of an upcoming ep produced by DJ Premier and Pete Rock as well as a future full length titled “You’re Welcome,” and for that we say Thank You De La Soul.

Mike Styles