Introducing Beats of All-Nations Radio, Episode #1 mixed by Cell Uno


Well its January 2014 and every year we’ve been trying to take this movement a little further, however this year we plan to take Beats of All-Nations much further!  With that being said we are proud to introduce to you the first episode of Beats of All-Nations Radio!  Beats of All-Nations Radio is a new series where we will feature exclusive DJ mixes and producer showcases. It will be used as a platform to tickle your ears, touch your hearts and move your souls with exceptional sounds from around the globe, in good taste, without any limitations.

Our first episode, available now, features a 30-minute megamix from one of our favorite DJ/Producers that you may have never heard of before.  Well all of that is about to change, Riverside, California’s Cell Uno has put together a compilation that explores a wide range of sound that literally shape shifts every moment.  Cell’s mix, titled ‘B2A’ (from Beats 2 All-Nations) covers all genres from the LA Beat Scene to Indie Rock, Classic Hip Hop to Funk and Soul, Nova Bossa Nova to modern Jazz, no stone is left unturned.

Enjoy Episode One of Beats of All-Nations Radio, it is a free download, this is also the launch of our Soundcloud, so leave some feedback and pass it around:

We also had a chance to interview Cell Uno, here’s what he had to say about his past, influences and some words about this mix:

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