Sunday October 16, 2016 we are celebrating the grand opening of Nu Wave Studio/ gallery with a group art installation “COHERENCE” featuring Alex Woo Reimond Mark De Luna, Noah Moreno, Mike Bugaoan, Dstructo Manifesto and Katie Ruiz.

This visual display will also bring an exhibit for the ears; Mike Styles, Eric Redbeef Focht, Gabe Real, DMM and SimplHuman will provide the sounds for the evening. Tapas bar will also be provided by local Chefs.


Due to limited space at the gallery this event will be rsvp only. Guests can rsvp on event page or @

Beats of All-Nations Tees $10, While Supplies Last!


These colors change with the seasons, most colors are printed in limited runs and one time only…


Invisible Light this Saturday


Re:Fresh Pomona Artwalk Afterparty // “Invisible Light” by JOEY-ONE Gallery Opening


Re:Fresh Pomona Artwalk Afterparty // “Invisible Light” by JOEY-ONE Gallery Opening

SATURDAY October 12th

Inland Empire native JOEY-ONE, creator of Falcon XXiii, offers a spectrum of one dimensional ink drawings to stunning colorful translations of deep space on canvas this month at dba256 Wine Bar Lounge and Gallery in Pomona. The “Invisible Light” Art Party will be Joey-One’s first solo gallery showing and the opening will be in conjunction with Re:Fresh on October 12th at 9pm.

My Delight CupCakery
Beats of All-Nations

Residents DJs:


Established in 2008 Re:Fresh is the only place to be following EVERY ARTWALK in Downtown Pomona’s Art Colony, every 2nd and 4th Saturday.

A great collaboration of DJs who have for the last decade established themselves through the local arts community, with events like Foundations, A Mic and Dimlights, More Fire and the Lapa Lounge come together PLAYING THE BEST IN QUALITY SOUL, HIP HOP, REGGAE, DANCEHALL, SOUL, FUNK, CUMBIA, SAMBA and everything else that moves bodies!


Celebrate your b-day with us…ask how.


dba256 Wine Bar Lounge
256 S. Main St.
Pomona, CA 91766


STAY CURRENT with the schedule of events at

Need a Designated Driver?
We are proud to be working with Smart Wheel Drivers on getting you home safe without leaving your car behind.
In short, 2 drivers meet you, one takes you home in your own car as the other follows close behind. Once you arrive home your driver hands you your keys and leaves with the other driver. Simple and rates are comparable to any taxi service. Remember the average DUI costs $10k.


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Donuts for Breakfast

Photo by Mike Styles

Can’t PASSOVER this sale! Beats of All-Nations Tees $10. NO SHIPPING. WORLDWIDE. while supplies last.


We’re cleaning out our remaining inventory on this one with a sale I’m sure you’ll dig! This week Beats of All-Nations logo Tees will be sold for only $10 and the best part, we’re shipping them for free–anywhere in the world!

Literally 20 shirts left in stock in multiple but limited colors and sizes for men and women.

100% of proceeds goes right back into the operation.

The design on the shirt features our Globe set on a Brazilian, Contemporânea brand pandiero. The back has a small “Re:Fresh” Logo under the collar.

Beats of All-Nations is a movement. Its not a crew, it is a community.


Mike Styles

The YUM! Festival Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The YUM! Festival returns to Ontario, CA on Saturday, September 29th 2012 at the Ontario Mills Mall.  In usual YUM! flavor, there will be too many great gourmet food trucks to choose from but fear not.  The event takes place from 2-8 PM giving you plenty of time to walk off or even dance off each meal, as the Re:Fresh Pomona team will be in full effect on the music for the event. There will also be a BMX biking showcase and more fun the whole family can enjoy! See the flyer below, or visit for more info!

Download: Mike Styles presents The YUM! Festival Mixtape

IE WEEKLY: Four years of beats from around the world and art from around the corner

By Derek Obregon

Music, food, art and good vibes from all around; that is the feeling that embraces you at the Pomona Art Walk as people from all walks of life gather to share a common bond and love for the arts. It seemed like everywhere you looked there were different kinds of art on display for your listening and viewing pleasure. Some had video game-inspired paintings with three dimensional visuals in the form of classic Nintendo controllers while others had paintings that were both big and small. Sculptures and photography (both digital and film) were present and an impromptu band or two appeared in the street. A special space was dedicated to the artistic works of local kids who attend a high school dedicated to exploring and expanding the arts.

There were photos, sculptures, paintings and more that I must say were surprisingly good for being done by teenagers. Minus the high school gallery, it seemed like boozing it up was a common theme for the night. Some people murmured about house parties while others wanted to party at The Fox Theatre (which blared electro and dubstep when I passed by), and I even heard rumor of a rooftop party! Although all of those sounded tempting, my plans were already set; I was attending the ReFresh 4 Year Anniversary party at the DBA 256 Gallery Wine Bar.

It is a local event that tries to create cultural awareness by playing music that people might not hear on their everyday night on the town. It was made possible by Beats of All Nations, which, as the name suggests, uses beats from all nations to get your body moving. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this event or if I’d even like it since I feel most at home in a dive bar, but I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As I walked in the door my eardrums were greeted with the familiar sounds of Bob Marley, so I immediately felt welcome. One of the first things I noticed was that there were comfortable leather couches lining the walls with a few tables here and there, but the seating is very limited. The ceiling is high and vaulted while the walls are divided between brick from the view of the bar and white walls with artwork on display by the stage and dance floor.

The art was small, but it was also affordable with some selling for only 10 bucks! The sounds of Bob Marley continued to play as I found out about the great selection of beer and wine (which was a reasonable price) from the fast and knowledgeable staff on hand. As I further took in the sights of the venue, more and more people filed in and the music went from mellow to hip shaking in an instant. I’m not exactly sure what you’d call it, but a mixture of funk and soul with traditional African drums dominating the beat got people to the dance floor. The sound was very unique and people seemed to really enjoy it.

Some free desserts were passed around and then the hips really started moving when the Cumbia/salsa/meringue beats came on. One of the coolest things about the music played by the DJ’s was that it combined traditional sounds and instruments from around the world effortlessly with modern beats and the latest sound systems to create fun music that meshed together nicely. I think it was around this time that an artist started making her own masterpiece with brushes and a glass of wine amidst the sights and sounds of this intoxicating atmosphere. Both old and new hip hop accompanied her painting and dominated the rest of the night until I left around 1 a.m.

I have to give props to the DJ that threw on some Gang Star . . . it is rare to hear him on something that’s not my iPod and it made my night that much better! And one last thing, I suggest using the restroom before you enter 256 or going to a different bar to relieve yourself because this particular venue had one stall per gender and I swear I’ve seen shorter lines at Disneyland.

Re:Fresh Presents LOVE BIZARRE (…Ladies Night…)


Ladies, this is your night!
Fellas…(read the above).

A hand-picked line up of very talented women will be holding down the Re:Fresh Soundsystem this Saturday for our first ever LOVE BIZARRE!

PARTY STARTS PROMPTLY AT 9PM and we stay on schedule….
Schedule for this Saturday:


LADYBUG (Lapa Lounge)

C’EST LA VIE (Common Ground/Machine Pomona)


DJ MONI (Friends We Love)





This is an accomplished group of artists, performers and djs. Expect a warm party filled the THE BEST IN QUALITY SOUL, HIP HOP, REGGAE, DANCEHALL, SOUL, FUNK, CUMBIA, SAMBA and everything else that moves bodies!


Celebrate your b-day with us…ask how.


dba256 Winebar Lounge/Gallery
256 S. Main St.
Pomona, Ca



Tuesday Night Bites!



This Tuesday I will be DJing alongside some friends at My Delight Cupcakery in Ontario, for one of their illustrious events, “Tuesday Night Bites” from 4pm-8pm.   This event is free and is for a great cause.

Aunties Fry Bread Taco Truck & Grill ‘Em All Truck will be joining the party at My Delight Cupcakery to help bring in donations for 2 worthy local causes: McKinley’s Children’s Center & Boys Republic!

The Needs:
Boys Republic would appreciate donations of any cooking or baking supplies for their culinary program.
McKinley Children’s Center are specifically requesting undergarments for the kids and teenagers that live on campus such as low-cut socks, boxers (small-xl), as well as hygiene Items, school supplies and games.

For those who want to help but don’t have time to shop, both organizations are always in need of cash donations as well.
Representatives from both organizations will be available on Tuesday to answer questions and receive donations.

There will be a balloon artist for children of all ages (that includes you adults), wait til you see his work!  It is always a great time to hang out with the local community, while enjoying great food, and the best music.  It is no wonder why we call refer to all of these events as “Beats, Eats and Treats,”  I hope to see you all there! 
See for more info.
-Mike Styles