A Stable Sound Episode 14: Colombian Gold for Ozomatli’s 22nd Bday Featuring Simon Guzman

“I finally get to flex my Colombian crates and what better day than April 1st, Ozomatli‘s anniversary. This episode features a live phone call with the band during their rehearsal in Salt Lake City, Utah. We also feature fellow digger and engineer, Simon Guzman as we talk about our recent trip to Colombia and all of its music exploits. Enjoy!”

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Quantic & Nidia Góngora – Muévelo Negro / Ñanguita



First things first I want to give praise to my man Porchlite, who has always been on board with Beats of All-Nations, however now he is contributing to the site and sharing cool stuff throughout the week on Facebook.  Be sure to check out PL’s  Sounds and Pounds: October Top Ten for some real delightful treats.  With this addition expect more frequent postings, with an even more broad scope of quality sound from around the world which you have already come to expect from us.  May we continue to grow together.

This week Tru Thoughts hit us with some hair-raising new music from William ‘Quantic‘ Holland and Colombian vocalist Nidia Góngora, a frequent collaboration you might remember from Quantic and his Combo Bábarro and Ondatrópica.  This new release follows Quantic’s soul induced collaborative album with Alice Russel and Combo Bábarro earlier this year.

This new double A-side  “Muévelo Negro”/”Ñanguita” (Tru-Thoughts) drops November 4th with a limited pressing (of 300) on a beautiful tri-color striped 12” and limited red transparent 12″ vinyl (Pre-Order here).  Stacked with instrumentals and a cappellas of each track, we’re looking forward to some dance floor ritual re-edits, but don’t let that thought ruin what’s at the source here and now.   Check both sides of this single on the unique video below, to flip the record, simply click the deck (Quantic’s 1940’s Neumann AM-131 record lathe) or just let it flip itself (mobile users).

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