Beats of All-Nations Radio 019: 7even Sun

Just in time for the very hyped solar eclipse we welcome back our French cousin, 7even Sun to the show for the very first time. No stranger to Beats of All-Nations, check his 2015 full-length release, ESCAPOLOGIES, at We also welcome back our very own Porchlite, who has just returned from a national tour with Jurassic 5 and some pretty epic live shows with Epic Rap Battles of History. He opens up the show and JB closes us out with a brand new mix. Gabe Real and Mike Styles join in on the conversation. Recorded live in Downtown Pomona at Gabe Real’s Music. Culture. Freedom. Studio.


NEW RELEASE! Beats of All-Nations: Seasons Change

Beats of All-Nations presents Seasons Change


Executive Producers:
Mike Styles & Porchlite
(M. Martinez & M.Bugaoan)

Mixing & Mastering:
Jose “Choco” Reynoso


BEATSOAN tracklist

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Beats of All-Nations presents Seasons Change


On Monday August 17th Beats of All-Nations will launch Seasons Change, a 13-track feature compilation of beats and compositions that will be available to listeners for free.   On this collection we are revisited by artists whom we’ve worked with in the past, and several of which making their Beats of All-Nations debut. Following the success of his album In the Moment, Makaya McCraven, a pioneer in the new jazz era offers the live-drum heavy “Midman.” Bombay Da Realest, producer of Blu’s Good to Be Home album, hits hard with the funk inspired “Dig This”.  Sev Seveer, the highly creative abstract hip hop manufacturer of our first official release, Constant Elevation: Odessa Star, returns with vocalist Megiapa on the vibed out “C.S.G.”  International sounds however are not forgotten by Co. Fee on the Brazilian inspired “White Sands.”  The compilation comes complete with exclusive artwork designed by Deladeso.

Beats of All-Nations, founded by Mike Styles in 2009, did not set out to be a label, nor have we conformed to that title. We are a community of artists, producers, deejays music and culture enthusiasts. Our operation is small, though we are represented by many with a goal to continuously raise the bar while keeping the art diverse and the vibes just right. We feature artists you may already love, but especially those you may have never heard before. Along the way, we have given independent artists a voice and an open space to create while introducing them to new audiences. Beats of All-Nations’ very own Porchlite gets busy on the smoothed out “Where are the Roses.” French producer 7even Sun, of our second release Escapologies and our veteran engineer Choco also supply some enlightening rhythms to the project. Other contributors include wave Groove and DJ Erok of Void Shift, Radius (Etc. Records) and Repeated Measures (New Los Angeles/Beat Cinema). The comp opens with music by Aux Voyager and closes with a colossal tune by Sleep to Static two veteran producers from our community. Seasons Change will be available for free download on August 17th, 2015 exclusively on

BEATSOAN tracklist

Executive Producers
Mike Styles & Porchlite
(M.Martinez/M. Bugaoan)



NEW RELEASE: 7even Sun – Escapologies [BOAN 002]

Words by:  Mike Styles & 7even SunESCAPOLOGIES ART FRONT

Somewhere between Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence in the South of France7even Sun is digging for audible gold, constructing beats and networking with the rest of the globe!

Following a pair of self-released instrumental albums, 7even Sun brings you his newly finished work for Beats of All-Nations, Escapologies. A twelve track sonic journey into the French Connection with laid back beats that ease the mind and take you to that stress free space that escapes us daily. This project is our second installation of partnering with musicians and artists from around the globe.

Escapologies is about evasion, escape, liberation…’escapology’ is the art of escaping. Like the Great Houdini, you know? This concept was inspired by what i was going through in my life at the time i made it.” 7even Sun began working on this album around 2013 immediately after finding out he would have to relocate without a promised space to create. “At that time, I was feeling kind of trapped, locked down at home most of the time, making music or handling the releases of my projects. I was inspired by this need of evasion and action, I then translated my life into the music.”

It’s a bit complicated to explain the creative process of any human being, I can’t begin to imagine the depths of any artists’.  Escapologies, simply put, is influenced by life experiences, emotions, memories and moods and sounds. 7even Sun also credits influence from his digs through soul, funk, jazz, latin and golden era hip hop and r&b. He’s also inspired by creation itself; experimenting with sounds often begins a new song. 7even Sun believes in the message behind Beats of All-Nations and we’re excited to have him aboard and to present you his latest– Escapologies!

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