Thanks for your interest in Beats of All-Nations!  I’m Mike Styles, the Founder of Beats of All-Nations and currently the only Administer of this website.  Though the events and posts are inspired by and made for the cultured community.  If you would like to see something covered on this site please feel free to send any music, video and info to the CONTACT below.  Services offered at Beats of All-Nations are but not limited to:

DJ Services

Public Relations

Event Coordination

Social Media Management

Music Branding

Retail Playlists



2 comments on “SERVICES & CONTACT

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  2. Claude says:

    To whom it may concern,

    National Hotels Association would like to sponsor this event with a no cost to you technology that would allow you to offer hotels at a wholesale rate and receive 30% of the net markup. We own and operate over 10,000 hotels around the globe…with 125 of then in your local area ” Pomona, Ontario, Diamond Bar, Chino…etc. The official reason for contacting Beats of All Nations is that we just launched a “New” Global Brand…”Brazilian Travel!!”. And look to partner up with Festival Developers across the Globe. One of our partners in Las Vegas, which is from Brazil, “Brazilian”. Considered your brand to be the right fit for discussion. Please feel free to contact me, right away…Make It a great STAY! with NHA!!

    thanks for your time,

    Chief Development Officer / COO
    702.601.7287 or

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