About Beats of All-Nations

World music as a scene has not always been popularized in mass, however the level of influence it has in the sub-cultured music scene in the Western world points to the obvious. We have developed the concept of a project that digs deep into the counter-cultural lifestyles of the world. The project named “Beats of All-Nations,” takes on the challenge to explore the current music scenes around the world that goes beyond the standard, by researching the arts and lifestyles that come with it in its raw form. The encounter would be documented, and the content would then be put on display for the rest of the world to experience through different modes of multi-media.  This site has been set up as a platform for music, culture and life devotees. We will share our world encounters with you as this project grows and hope that you will share yours with us as well. There will also be music downloads, video streams, album reviews and event notifications.

4 comments on “About Beats of All-Nations

  1. Ginny Dooley says:

    I love hearing new music and new artists. Would love to be informed as to what is happening in Pomona in the area of music and art. I volunteered at the Latino Art Museum for a few months which was a great experience. I am a Pomona lover. It’s a great city.

  2. Hello! I was wondering what does it take to be able to play the ArtWalk I am realy interested! Anyways have a great day guys!

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