Cut Chemist, Carlos Niño and Mike Styles play Colombia at The Music Center


August 26, 2016 | DJ Night, curated by Cut Chemist, with special guests Mike Styles and Carlos Niño
#danceDTLA #itsbettertogether

“The world is incredibly digital and I like to put my hands in the soil, getting analog again. Everything is getting funneled into a digital frame and something gets lost.

On August 26, I want to celebrate the analog. We’ll be spinning vinyl and interacting in real life.” -Cut Chemist

DJ Nights are curated by influential artists and tastemakers who give voice to the dynamic, vibrant LA culture through music, dancing, arts and aesthetics.

Open to all ages. Food & beverages available for purchase! Parking is $9 before 8pm and $5 after 8pm in The Music Center parking lot located directly under The Music Center Plaza. Access from Grand Ave.

We have tables & chairs for your use, please do not bring any lawn furniture or picnic blankets. Unattended packages will be removed.

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