Beats of All-Nations Radio 016: Cazal Organism

BOAN 016 Cover Art Cazal Organism


We’ve been following the body of work that Cazal Organism has been putting out over the last couple of years, catching up on previous releases by Delicious Vinyl and multiple artist releases on his own label Ultra Slump Records.  At the fresh age of 19, Cuba Reyes has already staked some pretty solid real estate in the City of Beats.  Back when Cazal was only an Organism his father, Mellow Man Ace and uncle Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) had already made some advances for the Latino Hip Hop community, especially on the Westside.  He grew up in the studio, with memories that include De La Soul getting loose in the booth.  Cazal is like a liaison between two hip hop generations, creating sounds for Sadat X, Masta Ace and Cassey Veggies.   And it doesn’t stop with the beats, in 2015 Cazal released his first solo rap On My Grown Shit.


In between all of the releases, remixes and running a label thats begginging to steam, Cazal took the time to put together a great collection of songs he has produced, rearranged or otherwise has just been inspired by.  He also gives us a little more “about me” nuggets in the mix and in the interview below.

Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 016:  Cazal Organism

“With this mix, I wanted to bring together some of the stuff I’ve been working on and the things I’ve been listening to. I think bridging the gap between what makes us want to work and how it transpires into what we do now is important, it helps listeners understand more of where we’re coming from when we drop our material.”
-Cazal Organism


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cazal low end 1
Beats of All-Nations:  Cazal Organism, whats behind the brilliant name?

Cazal Organism:  I came up with the Cazal thing in high school, I was really just studying the culture of hip hop that came before me and found that a common thread was Cazal frames. Took that and added Organism after dropping my first few works, to me the name means that hip hop is my home, but there’s room for other sound and inspiration.

Aside from the mind bending beat stuff you played a couple of jazz & funk tunes from artists like, Manhattan Project, Idris Muhammad and Earth, Wind & Fire. Why specifically, those records?
I had to play that EWF track in honor of Maurice White. He’s been a favorite of since I started studying music theory and that song, “Runnin” gets me every time. I got into Idris Muhammad when I picked up his Power Of Soul album at this antique store in Culver City I would go to after school, the “Could Heaven Ever Feel Like This” track was my favorite off that album. I came across the Manhattan Transfer song this past new years on youtube after I kicked off my shroom trip for the night haha. The sound effects in the intro and the arrangement is fuckin sick.

What are you working with?

Fl Studio, Reason, Ableton, Akai MPD, M-Audio Axiom 61 keyboard, Native Instruments Maschine, Roland SP-404 SX, Korg Kaosspad, E-Mu Systems SP-1200, M-Audio Monitors, Numark Orbit, Arturia plugins, Waves Plugins, and MXL 990 microphone.

Your putting out new music by your pops, on YOUR LABEL, over some of todays heaviest producers like Dibia$e and Jniero Jarel. Does an album like that change the demographic of the fans some? I imagine some more mature fans are coming to hear what Mellow Man is spittin while the younger generation is just now being introduced to him?
The Lost Decade album is the first rap project I wanted drop on Ultra Slump. We had been making a bunch of stuff for about 3 years and I had to keep convincing him to drop it all. Pops is really progressive and I think the people that have been following his work the past 10 years understand where he’s going with it. The production definitely brings new ears to the table, and a lot of his die-hards love the fact he isn’t stuck trying to remake “Mentirosa” or water down his essence for radio. He’s not really worried about all that, he’s having fun with it, learning, and making his best work since his first two albums.

Whats in the works for the rest of the year?
Mellow Man Ace has a new single dropping this summer, and we have a new Kaelin Ellis EP ready for Ultra Slump this spring. I’m finishing my next album as well, and got a few EPs in the vault.

Having already accumulated such a long track record at such a young age, what advice can you give your peers, young adults, who aren’t fully taking advantage of this moment in time?
It all starts with the catalog of material. You can’t bank on people to pay attention to you if you have nothing to show for what you do. It’s important that you connect with people with respect and make your intentions clear, because it’s tough to get things done when you or the other person is holding things back or aren’t keeping it genuine. Morals and integrity is what keeps you grounded and sustains your longevity, and that shines through to those checking for you is about as strong as the work itself. Always remember that there are some blessings that aren’t for you. On the flip side of that, the more you understand your own path, the easier it is to rid yourself from expectations and enjoy the achievements you rightfully earn. LOVE what you do, and know how to refortify that love when need be.

mellow man ace live at the whisky a go go photo by   sept  29   Scott Mitchell  copyright  2011







Sly5thAve + Jeff Fischer – Vein Melter (live remix)
Cazal Organism – She Comes n Goes
Cazal Organism – Nao Adianta 2
The Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone
Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This
Caz Moroder – BSG Reflip
Kaelin Ellis – No Sell
Goldie – Inner City Life (Cazal Organism remix)
Mndsgn – CamelBlues (Cazal MarlboroReds remix)
Knxwledge – Kafe
??? – Cosmic Thots
Cazal Organism – SAY IT
Cazal Organism – YEEZY
Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar – Collard Greens (Cazal Organism remix)
Kendrick Lamar – You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)
Mndsgn – Snore
DJ Harrison – Lost Dilla Beat
Earth Wind and Fire – Getaway
Mono/Poly Feat. Seven Davis Jr – Nocturne (Cazal Organism Remix)​

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