Qvolé and L.A. Record present Buyepongo: Summer Madness Residency @ La Cita



Qvolé are proud to present our 4th installment of Qvolé Collective & L.A. RECORD Present at La Cita Bar.

For this 4th featured installment, we are kicking off Buyepongo‘s Summer Madness Residency at La Cita next week on July 2nd. This will be the first night of Buyepongo-curated Thursday nights throughout the month of July featuring a plethora of talent at LA’s favorite dancefloor nightclub La Cita.

“Join” the Buyepongo Summer Madness Residency FB event page to RSVP & view the line-up for upcoming Thursday nights on July 16th, 23rd & 30th: https://www.facebook.com/events/461723917324494/

“To cause a ruckus,” is a group that pushes music to the limit by moving massive crowds to dance nonstop, demonstrating that Latin music runs through it’s veins with original songs and unique compositions. With deep roots in South and Central America, Buyepongo draw heavily from pan-Latin music culture taking their cues from traditional “roots” music.

Changüí Majadero
Five-peice band Changüí Majadero are dedicated to preserving the beautiful music & culture of Changüí by bringing you authentic Changüí music deep from the island of Cuba. Changüí is the predecessor of Son Cubano & Salsa and is a style of music, specifically from the region of Guantanamo Cuba.

Mike Styles (Beats of All-Nations)
London Guzmán (Wild Pack Of Canaries & The Buttertones)


$10 / 21+
Doors @ 9pm
La Cita
336 S Hill St.


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