Review: Radius – Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan…)


Words By:  Mike Stylesa3632691143_10

Chicago is quickly becoming a big part of our network base.  Shout out to our cosmic-brothers Radius and Sev Seveer for getting our name out in their community after their feature on Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 003 released earlier this year.  Since making contact with these guys it has been great to witness and take part in their journey.  While we put the finishing touches on our first official album release Constant Elevation:  Odessa Star by Sev Seveer, we wanted to share the latest from Radius, Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan…), on his own label ETC Records.

Time Travel is Real is an album Radius created an album to build the anticipation of his upcoming expedition to Japan, where he will share his talents on an international level.  Always on the move, he created this project on the road, which he often calls “home,” from Chicago, to St. Louis and Honolulu.  Here you get seven songs for seven bucks, each one reflecting a different style that yet ties together seamlessly with the last.  Hooked from the jump on “Time Traveling 101 (Oahu to Osaka)” to “All Respects to Sonotheque” there is a real message in the music that may elicit a higher level of consciousness.  “One for Ferguson (Healing Factor)” strikes a cord with the current situation with Police and People relations and “Melanin Starburst” was recently featured on LeFtO’s Radio Show with much praise.  My personal favorite right now is “Aquatic Sunset Sirens”.  Though we’ve got the whole album on repeat at HQ right now and we know that you will too.  That being said we want to send Radius off with warm wishes in his journey traveling with his Beats of All-Nations.

“I hope that it serves as an inspiration to all those that listen. Supreme full circle energy reflection is the key. Stay strong & keep creating and pushing YOUR dreams to REALITY. Thanks for your support. Much respect. Enjoy and see you soon. ” – Radius

One comment on “Review: Radius – Time Travel is Real (A Prelude to Japan…)

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