Beats of All-Nations: World Cup 2014 Soundtrack

Words by:  Mike Styles

Its no news that our journey began in Brazil with record hunting trips, for weeks at a time over a span of 3 years.  The journey is long, documented with audio and video, and most of it has been unreleased.  That is neither here nor there.  Our work is never done.  But today isn’t about us, the world looks on as Brazil, the country that holds the most titles, host the 2014 World Cup.  Though we are torn as the Brazilian’s protest their beloved sport over the billions invested to host FIFA for the month.  We want to reflect what has drawn us to Brazil in the first place, from the culture to the music, this is Beats of All-Nations:  World Cup 2014 Soundtrack.  Stay tuned as we will update this post everyday of the Cup with some of our favorite music from our the largest country in South America, Brazil!

GAME DAY 25//THE WORLD CUP:  Silvio Cesar – A Festa

Its no news, though we were pulling for Argentina in today’s big game, Messi the magician just didn’t turn on the magic.  It was a great game and Germany really deserved to triumph in this tourney for their excellence in their performance against Brazil alone!  Today’s pick is the final choice for our World Cup 2014 Soundtrack.  I really hope you enjoyed the picks, as each game day I randomly selected songs that came to mind, you can see and hear them all below.  Today’s pick is Silvio Cesar‘s “A Festa,” which simply translates into “A Party.” Germany is certainly having a party now!


Finally, I wanted to share some of my mixes to get you all through a lot more selections from my Brazilian collection, in a more condensed and creative listening experience that I think you will dig! Download Away…

See the rest of our Brazilian World Cup Playlist updated daily…

GAME DAY 24: Cidinho & Doca – Rap Da Felicidade

Cidinho & Doca‘s “Rap Da Felicidade (Rap of Happiness)” is often considered the most important Baile Funk song of all time.  Caetano Veloso suggested that it deserves a spot among the greatest of Brazilian songs in history.  It was a funk song, that had a different message from the favelas directly to the authorities.  The song starts with the line, “Eu Só Quer é Ser Feliz” is a cry for happiness.  Though Brazil’s International team was brought down shamefully by the end of the cup, we are reminded that the countries people will have a much larger mountain to climb after the tourist pack up and leave.  Enjoy the music, here are the lyrics in English for better perspective on the voice from the people!


My only wish is to be happy
Go peacefully in the favela where I was born
And be proud and know that the people have their place
Faith in God… DJ!

My dear authority, I don’t know what to do
With such violence, I’m afraid to live
‘Cause I live in favela and am very disrespeced
The sadness and the joy walk here side by side
I do a prayer to a protector saint
But am interrupted by shots of a machine gun
While rich live in a big and beautiful house
The poor are humilated and told off in the favela
No longer do I stand this wave of violence
I just ask from the authority a little more competence

Amusement today, we cannot hope for
Since there to bailes they come to humiliate us
There in the square everything was so normal
Now the violence is a fashion in the place
Innocent people who have nothing to do with it
Are asking today for their right to live
Never saw a post card that pictures a favela
Just landscape, very nice, very beautiful
Who goes by the favela feels sadnesses
The gringo comes here and doesn’t meet the reality
Goes to Zona Sul to meet the coconut water
And the poor in the favela have a hard time
Change of the precidency, a new hope
I suffered in the storm, now I want the calm
People be strong, all you need to see is
if they do nothing there we’ll do it all from here


GAME DAY 23:  Helio Matheus – Eu, Réu, Me Condeno

Today Argentina prevailed in a match that was much different then yesterday’s semi between Brazil and Germany.  Netherlands and Argentina stuck it out in a scoreless match that went into PKs after 30-minutes of Extra Time.  It was then when Argentina made their advance to the World Cup Final winning 4-2.  We are content with that and we bring you this slick tune from Helio Matheus, “Eu, Réu, Me Condeno” you can hear the vinyl pops at the start and end of this 1973 seven inch heater.  Its a feel good groove to match the feeling of today’s South American victory!

GAME DAY 22:  Jovelina Pérola Negra – Sorriso Aberto

Nothing much to say about today’s disappointing match up between Brazil and Germany.  Brazil exits the World Cup with an embarrassing 7-1 loss, however we would like to send the legendary soccer squad off with this samba by Jovelina Pérola Negra, who’s name translates to Black Pearl.  Her beautiful song “Sorriso Aberto (‘After Smile’)”, is a Brazilian Classic about lifting the spirit after darker days.  We can hope for third still right?


GAME DAY 21:  Chico Buarque de Hollanda – Cotidiano

Another great day for family, fun and futbol!  This morning Argentina advanced to the semi-finals beating Belgium 1-0, in a battle to the very last whistle.  Later in the day there was an excellent game between David and Goliath, I mean Costa Rica and Netherlands.  They said Costa Rica would never make it this far, then they said C.R. would be destroyed by Holland.  Low and behold the Ticos made it all the way to the very end, losing by one penalty kick (3-4) after a grueling match up and extra time.  It would have been an epic feat, but hats off to Costa Rica for going further than they ever have in the World Cup.   Tonight’s pick has been on the waiting list, for name sake alone.  Its my personal favorite song from Chico Buarque de Hollanda, here is “Cotidiano”!  Though the uniforms have been altered, above is a real photo of Chico Buarque and Bob Marley in a soccer friendly that took place in Brasil circa 1980.  How cool is that?!

GAME DAY 20:  Mandrake Som – Berimbau

Happy 4th of July!  More reason to celebrate for us today with two great games.  First off Germany prevails in a great defensive game against France in a 1-0 result.  A little later we witnessed the bitter sweet victory by Brazil who knocked out the hopeful Columbian‘s 2-1, with a major goal by David Luiz who scored just his second World Cup goal, his first was in the teams last game.  Bitter sweet victory for a couple of reasons.  We we’re happy to see Columbia go as far as they did, unfortunately only one of our S. American favorites can move on and unfortunately Brazil moves forward without star player Neymar, who suffered a fractured vertabrae taking him out of the Cup.  Today’s pick for our World Cup 2014 soundtrack is one that I play often at parties, one of my favorite Brazilian Breaks, Mandrake Som’s “Berimbau, an equal amount of awesome percussion and beautiful vocals!  Keep an ear out for the break!!


DAY 19:  Wanderléa – Kriola

Today’s pick is a hard to find 7″ on Polydor, but easily loved track from Wanderléa, one of the many cover joints of “Kriola” this one has been respectively been done by many great artists, but is by far my favorite version!  Wanderléa put a lot of heart into this one, you can hear the joy in her voice as she sings the tune!

Meanwhile the knockout stage of the World Cup has intensified the competition,  the last two games leading in to the quarter-finals had soccer fans worldwide at the edge of their seats as  Argentina beat the Swiss with a beautiful play set up by the Messi, with a fantastic finish by Ángel di María in the 118′.  Though team US had a heart-wrenching loss in extra time to Belgium, we wanna big up US Goalie, Tim Howard for blocking 16 shots on goal, the most saves in a World Cup game in nearly 50 years.  Next up, Quarters…




photo 2

DAY 18:  A Turma Da Pilantragem -Passarinho Da Lagôa, Ponteio, Upa Neguinho

One of the greatest, yet most bizarre album covers I own.  Turns out the music featured on the album is just as wicked!  From the 1968 album O Som Da Pilantragem, is  A Turma da Pilantragem with a megamix of songs per say “Passarinho Da Lagôa, Ponteio, Upa Nueguinho,”  its an exciting set full of participants and good spirits.  An awesome way to kick of this week in fútbol!


World Cup Updates:

France beats Nigeria after a close one with the first goal of the game in the 89′ and a second in extra time at the 90+2′.  We waited anxiously as Germany and Algeria battled it out in this nail-biter to the very last whistle as Germany won by a hair, and with much relief closing at 2-1.

DAY 17:  Luiz Carlos Vinhas – Ye Mele

Quick post today, a bugged out version of “Ye Mele” by O Som de LCV (Luiz Carlos Vinhas) from the album Psicodélico.  Bummed to see Mexico go out by way of Netherlands 2-1, but it was also great to see Costa Rica triumph against Greece taking it to penalties with an ending score of 5-3.  This year is the first time in history that Costa Rica has advanced to Wolrld Cup Quarter-Finals.  It was an awesome time to witness the Ticos celebrate with tears of joys at the game and in CR, real time.  Ball  on.


DAY 16: Banda Black Rio – Maria Fumaça

Huge victory for Brasil today in a nail biter against Chile. It was the first game of the knockout stage.  The hosting team, Brasil, won after the game went to the very last shot in penalties. Final score was 3-2 and team Brasil moves forward to face Columbia who beat up on Uruguay, minus Suarez, with a 2 – nil finish. Today was a good day. Porchlite and I , had an opportunity to rock on Soul Circle Radio with DJ MZA and co. and tonight we’ll be playing at Re:Fresh with JB and Subira in Downtown Pomona. Easy pick today, one of my favorites, “Maria Fumaça” by Banda Black Rio.


DAY 15:  Gilberto Gil – Todo Menina Baiana

Today’s choice is easy as it is the birthday of one of the most important figures in Brazilian History! Singer, Songwriter, musician and political activist Gilberto Gil has a deep past from innovating the sound of Brazilian Music through Tropicalía, speaking out against Brazil’s Military Dictatorship which got him and Caetano Veloso exiled from their country and eventually serving as Brazil’s Cultural Minister. Here is “Todo Menina Baiana,” a song about quick girls losing their values.  As a bonus above there is a clip of Gilberto playing the song live, from the documentary series Beats from the Heart…and below grab a free download of a fresh new remix by our friend Bundafunk (aka Marlon Funtes) & Borchi recently released by Tropic-All. Enjoy!

World Cup Updates:

C. Ronaldo of Portugal secures USA advancement to the knockout stage today with his goal against Ghana, match ending 2-1. Though USA lost to Germany 1-0, US finishes in 2nd place of their group. Also today Algeria and Russia tie at 1, as Belgium takes top seat of their group beating S. Korea 1-0.

DAY 14:  Marcelo D2 & Seu Jorge – Pode Acreditar (Meu Laiaì Laiaì)

Marcelo D2 Seu Jorge – Pode Acreditar (Meu Laiá Laiá) from Rodrigo T. Marques on Vimeo.

Will.i.Am. once introduced an American crowd to Marcelo D2 as the “Jay-Z of Brazilian Rap.”  Formerly of the highly successful Hip Hop meets Samba group, Planet Hemp, Marcelo embarked on a solo career in 1998.  From there, his career only went up and through the roof, his second album (2003) was manned by super-producer Mario C. of Beastie Boys fame.  Marcelo’s music filled the gap between old Brazilian samples with the heavy boom bap, hip hoppers were known to love.  Much to the likes of American hip hop producers sampling American breaks from the ol’ jazz and soul vaults.  Since then he has collaborated with the likes of Will.I.Am., Sergio Mendes, Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) and more.  This video, “Pode Acreditar (Meu Laiaì Laiaì)” is a collaboration with Seu Jorge and the baddest Brazilian DJ and our friend, DJ Nuts, who tours and frequently collaborates with Marcelo de Dois.


Argentina defeated Nigeria in a very intense battle where it was raining goals, final score 3-2.  Both of these teams from Group F advance, though Bosnia beat Iran 3-1, both teams exit the cup.  Switzerland shut out Honduras 3-Nil, meanwhile France and Ecuador tie, moving the Swiss and French ahead to the knock out round for Group E.  Its only gonna get better from here!

DAY 13:  MC Leozinho – El So Pensa Em Beijar

MC Leozinho – ELA SO PENSA EM BEIJAR from Canal Do Funk Poa on Vimeo.

This is the first Baile Funk song I remember being exposed to, just the beginning of the rabbit hole.  MC Leozinho‘s “Ela So Pensa Em Beijar” is one of the many anthems of the genre. Baile Funk is a style of music that came from the favelas inspired by Miami Bass and Rap.  The music’s intent was to express the way of life in the favelas, social injustice, poverty, women and drugs.  We’ll feature more of this soon!


World Cup Updates:

Uruguay upsets Italy, sending them home with a 1-0 victory.  However Uruguay’s victory was overshadowed by their own Luis Suarez who bit an Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini in the 80′ without consequence.  Costa Rica tied England,  0-0.  Two Euro-giants exit the cup and Latin America moves forward.  Columbia also had a great day with a scoring spree against Japan ending 4-1.  Meanwhile, Greece surprised everyone knocking Ivory Coast out of the cup with their victory 1-0.

DAY 12:  Jorge Ben – Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) + África Brasil LP

Today’s choice was inspired by Brazil‘s game against Cameroon.  With so many great cuts to choose from on Jorge Ben‘s África Brasil LP, we had to roll with one of the most often selected “Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma).”  Reason being is the roots of the song itself.    In the song Ben speaks (in Portuguese), “This is the story of Umbabarauma An African point man A point man whose mind is made up Umbabarauma.”  The lyrics are simple when read in english, but sound so cool when sung in the native language by the master:

“Umbabarauma, goal man
Umbabarauma, goal man

Play ball, play ball, ball player
Play ball, I want to play ball, ball player
Jump, jump, fall, get up, go up and get down
Run, kick, find a hole, thrill and give thanks
See how the whole city empties out
On this beautiful afternoon to watch you play

Play ball, ball player
Play ball, ball player

Shanty town street soccer, Shanty town street soccer

Soccer Soccer Soccer Soccer”

Gotta shine light on the rest of the classic África Brasil album:


World Cup Updates:

Netherlands beat Chile 2-o, to take the top spot in Group B.  Spain finally wins one against Australia, but both are packing their bags and set to go home.  Brazil turned it up against Cameroon, putting some serious goals on the board winning 4-1 under the leadership of Neymar.  Meanwhile, Mexico was shining just the same with a simultaneous victory against Croatia ending 3-1!

Day 11:  Dom Salvador – Barumba

Today’s pick comes from Dom Salvador,”Barumba” from his self-titled debut album released in ’69, a masterpiece of Brazilian Funk.

World Cup Updates:

Belgium 1 – 0 Russia // Korea 2 – 4 Algeria // USA 2 – 2 Portugal

Day 10: Marcos Valle – Estrellar

Officially the first day of Summer, with some great futebol well underway! Pick of the day comes from the legendary Marcos Valle, doing it big in ’82 with this classic Rio Boogie track, “Estrellar,” originally released on 7″ it sold over 90,000 copies. Enjoy!

World Cup Updates:
Argentina squeaked by Iran today 1-0 as Messi saved the day with a goal in extra minutes. Currently Ghana and Germany are battling 2-2 with 10 minutes to go! Be sure to check the rest of our World Cup playlist below.

photo 1-2

DAY 9: Emilío Santiago – Bananeira

Emilío Santiago‘s “Bananeira” is one of the most sought out records by break DJs for the drums alone, but this track is unruly all the way through! This 1975 record has been covered by many important Brazilian artists, and sampled on several hip hop-esque beats, including Heiroglyphics‘ classic “Oakland Blackouts.” Dig!


Costa Rica upsets Italy 1-0, Ecuador beats Honduras 2-1 and the Swiss are destroyed by France 5-2! Things are certainly heating up!
DAY 8:  Marku Ribas – Zamba Ben

Marku Ribas is often an unsung hero of Brazilian Music, the multi-faceted musician had a distinct style that touched on several elements, including Samba, Samba Rock, Soul, Jazz, Funk and African rhythms with emphasis on drums and percussion. “Zamba Ben”, is the tune that got me hooked, picked up this 7″ in Rio in 2009.


World Cup Updates:
Columbia takes 1st place in group C, defeating Ivory Coast 2-1,  Uruguay upsets England 2-1, Japan and Greece get nowhere with a 0-0 draw.

DAY 7:  DJ Marky & XRS feat. Stamina MC – LK / Toquinho feat Jorge Ben – Carolina Carol Bella

In the early 2000’s a small group of Brazilian Producer/DJ’s began to forge a new style of Drum n’ Bass. One of the biggest songs in the movement was DJ Marky and XRS‘ “LK” featuring Stamina MC. The homie Blind Herd, introduced me and the crew to the song. In 2005 on my first digging trip to Brasil, I found the sample source material by chance in a small book and vinyl shop in Rio called Baratos da Ribeiro. It was the first time I heard the original tune “Carolina Carol Bela” by Toquinho with Jorge Ben, and I must of looked crazy to jumping up and down in the back of the store with such excitement. Check it out below!

World Cup Updates:


Spain will not be moving forward in the tournament as they were dusted by Chile, who beat the elite soccer squad for the first time in history. Final score, 2 – 0. Netherlands, who also embarrassed Spain in their first game, beat Australia 3-2. Croatia shut out Cameroon, giving the African team their second loss at 4-0.

Day 6:  Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina

Os Mutantes self-titled debut album, of 1968, was influenced by British and US psyche music of the 60’s along with traditional Brazilian music. Their music was at the forefront of the Tropicália movement in protest to the military government, along with Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Tom Zé and Maria Bethania. Rolling Stone named this album number 9 of the ‘100 Greatest Brazilian Albums of All Time’.
World Cup Update:


Today’s game on everyone’s radar was Brazil vs. Mexico, though the game was tied at 0-0.  Though Brasil dominated the ball, the real star of the game was Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa who blocked an unbearable amount of close shots.  The match up was full of energy and a nice display of championship futebol, no doubt!  Belgium beat Algeria 2-1, and Russia tied S. Korea 1-1.


DAY 5: Sonzeira – Sambãio featuring Seu Jorge & Nina Miranda

You should know by now, every time Gilles Peterson heads to Brazil, he gives the world pure gold. From Gilles Peterson in Brazil compilation to his podcast series with Brahma, Gilles Peterson Back in Brazil and now the explosive sound of a super group assembled from the man himself. This is Brasil Bam Bam Bam by Sonzeira, featuring music with Seu Jorge, Seun Kuti, Marcos Valle, Elza Sores, Nina Miranda and more! Travel through the sound of this album with this interactive trailer below for a audio/visual experience of Brazilian culture!

Purchase Album!

World Cup Update:

Germany 4 – 0 Portugal :: Iran 0 – 0 Nigeria :: Ghana 1 – 2 USA

DAY 4:  Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto – Poema Ritmico Do Malandro featuring Sonia Santos

Zito Righi e Seu Conjunto‘s “Poema Ritmico Do Malandro” featuring vox by Sonia Santos, almost in a rap cadence.  It’s a fun record and bugged out at times as you can imagine by the cover art.  A classic nonetheless, give the full album a listen here!

World Cup Updates:

URU 1 – 3 CRC :: ENG 1 – 2 ITA :: CIV 2 – 1 JPN ::

SUI 2 – 1 ECU :: FRA 3 – 0 HON ::  ARG 2 – 1 BIH

DAY 3:  Tim Maia – Racional Vol. 1 & 2

First a little about the legend, Tim Maia, as told by Devendra Banhart

When Tim Maia joined the cult, Rational Culture, he used his opportunity to put out a double-album on RCA to strictly sing about his new religion. RCA did not put it out, so he bought the masters and released it through Seroma Discos. The album didn’t do well and when Maia left the cult, he bought the remaining unsold albums and had them destroyed. It is now a rare find, and a classic, go ahead and price it, we dare you! While you save up you can hear Racional Vol. 1 and 2 in its entirety here and now!

World Cup Updates:

Chile beats Australia, Columbia shuts out Greece and Uruguay leads Costa Rica 1 – nil at half time!

Day 2: Tenório Jr. – Nebulosa

Tenório Jr.‘s “Nebulosa” comes from the 1964 album Embalo another high energy bossa jazz composition with a dynamic performance of drums and piano. A classic amongst Brazilian record collectors and aficianados.

Brazil skated with a victory over Croatia, Mexico over Cameroon and the Netherlands just embarrassed España.  Tell us about your picks, teams or music, maybe we’ll share it here.  Cheers!

DAY 1:  Cesar Mariano & cia. – Futebol de Bar

From the album São Paulo – Brasil, home of the opening ceremony of Brazil vs. Croatia. Cesar Camargo Mariano & cia. get busy on the keys and percussion with the 1977 party starter “Futebol de Bar,” Happy World Cup everyone!


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