Beats of All-Nations Radio: Episode 004 Mixed by DJ Jimbo Jenkins



Our fourth installment of Beats Of All-Nations Radio features a brand new mix from the imaginative world of sound and bass by DJ Jimbo Jenkins!

Maybe you’ve never heard of him, though he has become an important part of the music scene puzzle in Southern California.  Born in L.A. and raised east of it, and Jimbo was brought up, like many of us on hip hop music and culture.  In college at UC Riverside,  Jimbo took involvement with Hip Hop Congress, focused on organizing on campus events.  He soon after began djing the house party and nightclub circuit in Riverside.  This would eventually lead into his post-grad time focused on throwing parties of his own in Pomona with some close friends, creating a base for DJs he respected in the local community.

Today Jimbo Jenkins continues to create with conceptual mixes, mash-up projects and beats.  His Trillest Mixtape Series, is a unique look into hip hop and R&B  from the common hits to the equally great gems by slept on artists hailing from east of L.A.  The kid continues to raise eyebrows within the industry, even Diplo posted a photo of Jimbo’s Travis Portishead mash-up project on Instagram.  There’s also a mixtape collaboration with Pheo (Mad Decent/Vested in Culture).  You can catch Jimbo in the mix live on 2nd & 4th Saturdays at his night called SELECT at Green Room at Fox Theater in Pomona with Arti (My Hollow Drum) and a monthly throwback party called Oh Snap! with Arti, Erok (More Fire/Critical Beatdown), Haruto (The Flyball), and Kab (MHD).

“I’ve found myself to have met and worked with many hardworking people on music, parties, and shows between L.A., O.C. and the I.E. and it makes me happy and proud to be from around these parts.”



Beats Of All-Nations:  Describe the mix? Is there a concept or common theme you used as a blueprint?

Jimbo Jenkins:  I wanted to make a mix that embodied both Beats of All Nations and myself.  I love a good party and turnin up and I’m in an environment of DJs and creatives that reside between LA and IE.  When you guys approached me about the Beats of All Nations Radio Show, I already knew who’d be great to put on this mix.  I got Gingee on there, DJ/rapper/producer/educator/etc. who I worked with on a dance party night we had at Hip Kitty in Claremont, and she’s all about the moombah and zouk vibes.  Also DMN SLYR, a homie that I did a couple shows with in Downtown Riverside wayyy back, he’s currently painting crazy murals and doing music in Vietnam and the rest of Asia.  Gypsy Mamba from Beat Cinema in there too with that rasta sample in his track. Hung out with him at Coachella, a real and hilarious dude, he educated me on the situation with Russia and how it impacts the area of his ethnicity, and we kept crackin stupid jokes about poppin viagra pills at Coachella all day #gpops.  And Siete Catorce, crazy talented young producer who is actually from Mexico, met him at a show Speak and Ty the Beeper King had in Mexicali and oddly I was hanging out with his parents there.  They’re cool people, they wanted us to come to their house and party more.  I can’t remember what we did after anymore though I just know that I was off that Tecate.

BOAN:  Who were some of the influential musician/artists you followed early on?

JJ:  I always loved rap and hip hop growing up.  To be honest I grew up in that Bad BoyPuff Daddy era, and it was great, I love it, I’m not even joking, that was great entertainment. MTV Jams, BET, and Power106.  I got more into underground and golden era hip hop when I got into DJing, I was a fanboy for the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies, and I was all into the DMC battles too, specifically the Allies era.  I had the Scratch Documentary DVD and I think that’s when I first found out about Z-Trip and rocking parties and live vinyl mash-ups, I was like “daaaaamn!”  It was pretty inspiring to me.  I like a lot of different kinds of music too because of the gigs I take up, from mobile DJ type of gigs to indie-disco-80s-90s-house-trap-ratchet dive bar dance party.

BOAN:  The Hardware/Software question, what are you working with?

JJ:  Serato and Ableton. I love my Rane 62. I also got this little swagged-out Arturia midi-keyboard that I bought from Gabe Real that I’ve probably used only twice so far. Ha.

BOAN: The Trillest Mixtape Series was a really cool idea, each one caught the buzz, tell us more about that.

JJ:  The Trillest Mixtapes are a series of mixtapes with a bunch of songs that me and my friends like. There’s so much that I just gotta highlight, our favorite parts of each song.  We got friends from around the IE who put out great music like UTB LifeStyle, Mike Mobb, and Black Cloud, they all give off a great energy, and we put em in there too.  It’s crazy, I hear stories of people in up in the Bay Area, Texas, Atlanta, North Carolina, Atlanta, Canada, even Europe loving it and partying to it, and I’m like wow, tight, shout out to rap fans.

BOAN:  How did your collab with Pheo come about?

JJ:  We lived together, he had a few songs on deck that he wanted to put out an EP/mixtape project, and I had the gear, so we made it.

BOAN:  How did Diplo discovered your Travis Portishead project? Was there any communication after the post or did any other opportunities come from it?

JJ:  I hung out at the Mad Decent studios a few times with Pheo, who was my old roommate in Pomona.  He was working on his project California Sex with producer DJA and I’d be working on some Skyfox stuff while they recorded.  I had just finished making Travis Portishead and gave DJA a copy.  I’m thinking Diplo probably saw it laying on a table and it was so wtf-worthy he had to Instagram it.  I wasn’t even aware he posted it on his IG and it was months later. Friends were hitting me up on my phone and geekin about it. Reading the comments was hilarious, like people either thought it was blasphemy or pure amazing.

BOAN: East of L.A., where its been, where it is and where its going…

JJ:  East of LA has had phases. It was a hip hop/indie/IE music and culture blog, it supported artists, and promoted shows and parties.  We’ve been a little quiet lately pursuing our own personal endeavors, but, we’ll be active on our blog again and highlighting happenings within our network of friends and music we come across that we like.

BOAN:  How has your experience at Coachella been the last few years from djing the after hours, to a couple of the big stages?

JJ:  Coachella has been great. Turnt to the max. I’ve camped every time. I am in my natural habitat with the party animals, I am one with them.

BOAN:  A slight turn, you took part in he remodeling of The Green Room (formerly The Drink at the Fox) with a spot on wall of vinyl image, a wall of a real speaker collage and a cassette overhead at the bar, it was a great improvement to the venue.  Is interior decor something you have experience or a future with? How did the whole thing come about?

JJ:  Yes, I did work on the renovation of the space in the Fox Theater Pomona that is now Green Room. I was always designing and working on the parties we threw there.  The owners and business partners of the Fox became aware of what I was doing and had me take on rebranding the bar, managing the changes, and getting my hands dirty making some of the changes myself.  I’m happy it has a much better vibe than it did before, and people enjoy being in there because they have more frequent regular party nights there now.

BOAN:  The Mustache? Its kinda become your trademark, whats the backstory?

JJ:  I think it was February 2012 I decided to stop shaving and see what would happen.  Best decision of my life.  Got my shit long enough to try some wax.  Game changer.  Life changer.  I encourage all dudes to grow their facial hair.

BOAN:  What’s next? Parties, collaborations, projects, new ventures…

JJ:  Currently I got a 2nd & 4th Saturday party, SELECT, at Green Room with Arti from My Hollow Drum. Also Oh Snap! a monthly throwback party with Arti and Kab from MHD, Erok from More Fire/Critical Beatdown, and Haruto from The Fly Ball. Next gig I got outside of that is More Fire Mondays in Riverside. I’m about to work on a mixtape with Lil Jeff from Mike Mobb from Moreno Valley. It’ll go hard. Other mixtapes and musical projects to come whenever I feel like it.


BRZLNR X BADDMON – Para El Rey Bravo
LVDB – Latin trap Remix
Enur – Calabria 2007 feat. Natasja (The Clerk rmx)
Siete Catorce – Verdad
Loefah – Disko Reka
Filastine – Informal Sector Parade (Thornato Remix)
Manu Chao – Bongo Bongo – RawLikeSushi Trap Bootleg
SKIP&DIE – La Cumbia Dictadura
Gingee – Jangala
Jay Dee – African Rythms
Gesaffelstein – Hellifornia
Cumbia Cosmonauts – Oshun
Novalima – Diablo (Sabo’s Moombahton Remix)
Que – O.G. Bobby Johnson (Ynfynyt Scroll remix)

Artwork by: Mike Styles
Mastered by: Choco (1200 Warriors, Wu Tang)



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