Cut Chemist presents Funk Off [Stream Album x LA Release Party]

Words By:  Mike Styles

We’ve been bumpin’ Cut Chemist‘s latest release Funk Off:  Vox Populi and Pacific 231 steady since its release a few months back.  This is Cut’s first in a series of releases based on the French minimal and experimental sounds of Vox Populi and Pacific 231.  It started with Cut sourcing music for “The Storm featuring Edan and Mr. Lif”  a single recorded for his 2006 debut album, The Audience’s Listening.  After seeking out and sampling more music from the scene for his next project, Cut found himself with enough material to put out his first reissue compilation, officially on his own label A Stable Sound, to be followed by remixes and more.  Vox and Pacific 231 releases are no easy find, and mostly on cassette and vinyl until now!

Los Angeles:  This Saturday May 10th, Cut Chemist Presents Funk Off Live!  A one of a kind show that may never happen again.  Cut will play the music of Vox Populi, Pacific 231 and more from the French underground, exclusive remixes and originals in a unique vinyl and cassette set with visuals by Tom Fitzgerald at Cinefamily.







From Cinefamily:


Cut Chemist: one of the greatest mixmasters on the planet, a world-class scratch artist, and collaborator with Jurassic 5, Edan, Blackalicious and DJ Shadow. It goes without saying he’s also a LP collector assassin too; amongst the genres through which he loves to crosscut, a big love of Cut’s is crunchy electronic post-punk — so much so that he’s now issued the compilation “Funk Off”, highlighting French minimal synthheads Vox Populi! and Pacific 231 with tracks that originally appeared on their rare ‘80s cassette and vinyl releases. [This] show is a live performance that encompasses all forms of media (vinyl, cassettes and video), along with live delay and loop effects. Here, Cut reunites with longtime collaborator and Cinefamily’s own Tom Fitzgerald, who’ll perform a dense blanket of live visuals along with the music. After the break, it’s La Brune Et Moi: a “lost” film recently re-discovered, and a whizz-bang tour through the Parisian punk underground (circa 1980), starring The Conformist’s Pierre Clementi and featuring energetic Gallic bands like Metal Urbain, the Go-Go Pigalles and Astroflash!
La Brune Et Moi Dir. Phillipe Puicouyoul, 1980, digital presentation, 50 min. – See more


Purchase Funk Off now:
iTunes | Bandcamp | CD & VINYL

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