Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 002 :: Featuring Bombay + Porchlite


Alas! There has been much anticipation for this episode since our maiden voyage of Beats of All-Nations Radio: Episode 001 featuring Cell Uno. Thanks to everyone who showed us some love…This one took a little time to organize and arrange but we do have something real special for you.

Episode 002 features the brilliant production from the Inland Empire’s very own Bombay. This guys isn’t your average producer, Bombay has been building heavy steam over the years.  His production credits include Aloe Blacc, Blu, Alchemist, The KO Corporation, and Home Grown Organix. 2013 was a busy year for Bombay, he managed to tour with Blu, and Tiron & Ayomari, DJ’ed for Elzhi at Paid Dues, and released his critically acclaimed Last 3 Days album, and 2014 looks even more promising.  It’s no wonder he’s been referred over and over as the ‘IE’s best kept secret,’ from those in the know.

In this episode Bombay’s beats, mostly unreleased instrumentals and exclusives, are mixed by Beats of All-Nations very own Porchlite. Who is no stranger to the game either, Porchlite is one of our in-house producer/DJs dabbling in a range of sounds from electronic, house to downtempo and hip hop. In the past he has toured the nation with the likes of The Roots, NERD, Talib Kweli, Mayer Hawthorne and Skillz. His production and performance schedule is a busy one in 2014 so we’re sure you’ll be seeing and hearing him all over the place.

Bombay and Porchlite’s collaboration on this mix is something special as the two are well acquainted with each others styles and you probably won’t hear their music as well represented as in this mix. Without further ado here is Beats of All-Nations Radio Episode 002 featuring Bombay & Porchlite. Enjoy!

Of course we sat down with the two to discuss influences, the mix, and favorite food spots. Interview and exclusive 3-track download from Bombay after the jump.


What’s the story behind this project/mix?

Bombay Porchlite hit me up and asked if I wanted to do this mix, all my beats and him mixing everything. I was down with it, no question.
Porchlite Yeah that’s pretty much it. I stay working with Bombay so whenever there’s an opportunity for us to collab on a bigger level we’ll try and make it happen. Nowadays we’re both pretty busy between production schedules, touring and just life, but this mix actually fit pretty well with our schedules so it was easy to do.
B Yeah so all my beats all from different eras, old shit, new shit. This radio show was the perfect place to do some episode type shit, Porchlite just sequencing the music for like 45 minutes.
PL His beats are perfect episode music, always switching up, he won’t just run the same loop for 3 or 4 minutes, some off beat shit, and not quantized but still got hella bounce to them. But all that is what made this mix a challenge, how to piece all of the music together because not all of is that DJ friendly. We made it happen though, there’s always a way.

What’s the story of Bombay and Porchlite?

B I met Porchlite in early 2000 through mutual friends. Back then I was producing for a bunch of different 909 Inland Empire crews and turned out we knew a lot of the same people. I’d see him at the studio or over at the homies spot and just kept it going from there. We always clicked, he’d let me dig through his records and I would sample them, that shit still happens to this day. Like he said we’re both pretty busy but we’re always looking out.
PL Yeah I can’t even count the number of times that that dude came to my spot and left with a crate full of records. Its all good though, he’ll always flip like 30 or 40 or 50 beats off that stack. I’m like damn how the fuck did you dig out those loops and flip that many beats? And it’ll only be like two or three weeks after he grabbed that crate and he’ll hit me with a CD full of new music. I guess some people just got it like that.
B Haha, yeah I don’t even know how it happens sometimes. Just put the needle on the record.
PL For years and years this dude has always been handing me his beat CDs, consistently. Probably have something like three or four hundred of his beats. Its just crazy, and they keep getting better and better.
B Yeah and now me and this guy are working on an R&B project and some other shit. Always moving on to new music, we’re trying to do some house, techno, downtempo, all of it. Got ADD over here.

Musically speaking, where do you get inspiration?

B It all started with a lot of hip hop, until I got into all the other music. My Mom always listened to soul music and had it playing in the house, Phyllis Hyman, Jackson 5, Zapp and Roger. Music has always been with me and that’s kind of what I look back to. Just remembering the first time I heard those classic arrangements and they made me feel, so I’m always searching for that. Also just a beautiful day, a beautiful sunny day is always lovely and inspiring, its like art. People can paint from that, play the piano from that. People can get inspiration from that, but of course it always better when your pockets are right and you can take care of the family.
PL I get inspiration from everywhere as well. Just being awake and having my eyes and ears open. I feed off of energy and that energy can come from anywhere, I can usually find inspiration in anything that takes time and effort. Knowing whatever I’m looking at or listening to took work to make, even if its a big ass tree sitting in the forest, the thought of that tree being there for 200 years to get where its at is inspiring. But hearing new and different music always sets it off, keeps me on my toes.

What’s in the studio?

B Reason, Boss 303, portable turntable, midi board, and a little DJ mixer.
PL 1200s, Pioneer DJM-900, Ableton, Logic, MPK 49, and Maschine.

Bombay, you have an interesting story about the evolution with your gear, tell us about it?

B I started making tapes on my brother cassette tape decks, just making my own beat tapes of loops and stuff. Then I got a keyboard that had a sequencer, didn’t even have a sampler so I’d have to play everything. I got another keyboard that had like 8-12 seconds of sample time, it only had four tracks so I’d have to finish a song with only four tracks, haha. After that a good friend of mine let me borrow his MPC 62, so I learned how to work a drum machine on that. I’d sample off of anything, radios, satellite cable TV, it was great! Then I got a MPC 2000 and started chopping it up with K.O. guys, chopping beat breaks and what not. Eventually some of my friends started running their own studios, full studios, and they’d be like we know what you do, just come through and go at it. So that’s where I started learning some of the computer programs and the full studio set up. I’d just be there for days. It was great having the full set up but then I went through a period where I was making all of my stuff on Music Generator, which is a game for Playstation, because that’s all I had, and that’s all I really needed. I was doing that for years and I kind of feel that’s where I really fined tuned my sound. Then after all that I was able to score a copy of Reason.

What projects do you guys have coming up in the future?

B Got a new project with Blu, I’m doing all the beat, its called Good To Be Home. Got a lot of features on there but I can’t say them at the moment. No release date but it’ll be out this year. I’m currently talking to Elzhi right now, trying to get on his new project. I DJ’ed for him at Paid Dues last year, we got good chemistry. I send him some music, he’ll send me some shit back and it’d be bananas. I’m trying to do more music with Alchemist and The Step Brothers. We had that Camp Registration joint and that was crazy. And then I’m always working with Mike, we’re always scheming, trying to work on new shit.
PL Yup always working with this dude, steady making moves. He’s a great partner to have, he sees the bigger picture and knows we need to jump out of our comfort zone to really make an impact. I got a couple of house music projects coming out this year on different labels I can’t disclose just yet. But yeah, I produce a lot of house music my cousin Mark, we call him Shark Faicol. Together we produce and DJ under the name Mabuhay Miles, just some funny shit, an ode to our roots. Look out for that shit, we really love that underground Chicago house music vibe so we play off of that. I recently produced some music for the homies Parable and Mac Soto. Those dudes are really great song writers so it was ill to collab with them. I only have one joint on their upcoming album but they chose it as their lead single, so that says something. I want to do more work with them. And I’m steady working with Beats of All-Nations boss, Mike Styles. We vibe, I’ll shoot him ideas, he’ll tell me they suck, and then I’ll crawl back in my little shell and sit in my corner, quietly. Haha nah just kidding. We’re working on a lot of great content for the site, got video and music compilations were producing. Lots of good things coming in the future!

Who do you want to work with?

B Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, I’d smash some Beyoncé ‘cause I know her sound, Andre 3000, Nas. Definitely want to work with Nas before he hangs it up.
PL Yeah Erykah, Esta and Mr. Carmack, those dudes are beasts on the production, Pharrell, After Dark, been trying to work with that dude for years now, I think he owes me some stems or something. My list is long but that’s a good start.

Favorite food spots?

B Pho Island. Mike took me there a while back and the food there was incredible.
PL I got too many. All of which I can’t disclose, haha. Holler at me offline and I’ll let you know, maybe even take you there. Ill shit though, I’m a foodie without being a foodie if that makes sense.

What is it like to live in the suburbs? Is it hard to do what you do living that far from the city?

B Yeah it’s tough but that’s just what I have to deal with right now. That’s where everything goes down and that drive time adds up.
PL Yup, what he said. Trying to be in the city though.

Last words?

B Peace to Beats of All-Nations for letting us do this. Much love, we gotta do more shit in the future. Y’all are helping get the music out and I appreciate that. Thank you to them and especially everyone who is tuning in and listening to us.
PL Yup, just grateful for Mikey and Dante letting me help build on their Beats of All-Nations venture. It feels great to work on this stuff from a business and editorial standpoint and also get a little shine on my music. And of course the fans, you guys are the ones that really keep this shit running, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t even be here.


For those who made it to the end of this interview we have an exclusive 3-track download produced by the man himself, Bombay! So here it is, enjoy! DOWNLOAD

Connect with our featured artists:

BombaySoundCloud / Twitter

PorchliteSoundCloud / Twitter

Audio mastering provided by Choco (1200 Warriors)

Photography by Juice

If you are interested in submitting music or mixes for future play on Beats of All-Nations Radio, contact us at

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