Soundtrack Of The World’s Biggest Street Party!


Beats Of All-Nations focuses on paying homage to world music and diverse cultures across the globe, and there is a very special country that has influenced this movement from the start, Brazil. The country is a melting pot of a variety of cultures perfectly seasoned that produces a recipe of its own, and its a recipe that cannot be duplicated. Once you get a taste of Brazil’s Samba, Bossa Nova, Batucada, or just experiencing its tropical climate and laid back people  you will better understand the country’s richness.

Brazil is also known for celebrating the biggest party in the world, Carnival. The annual festival hosts huge organized parades that are often led by samba schools or local drum corps. The public at large has an open invitation to watch the parades and are highly encouraged to participate in the festivities themselves. Now, imagine celebrating 6 days of music, dance, and culture…who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!


National Public Radio did an amazing article on this years Rio’s carnival street parties! Click the link below to hear this great article.

– Dante Hall


About the author:

Dante Hall is the co-founder of Beats of All-Nations. His expertise is in music, fashion, and philanthropy, and is now taking the opportunity to sharpen his writing chops. Being a multifaceted individual is in his DNA, so when he reached out and said he wanted to try his hand at writing we had nothing but support for him. His level of life experiences and creativity will only lend to the education and entertainment of our readers. So be on the look out for more articles written by Dante and make sure to connect with him on his social networks.

Twitter: eltoronegro

IG: el_toronegro

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