Introducing Beats of All-Nations Radio, Episode #1 mixed by Cell Uno


Well its January 2014 and every year we’ve been trying to take this movement a little further, however this year we plan to take Beats of All-Nations much further!  With that being said we are proud to introduce to you the first episode of Beats of All-Nations Radio!  Beats of All-Nations Radio is a new series where we will feature exclusive DJ mixes and producer showcases. It will be used as a platform to tickle your ears, touch your hearts and move your souls with exceptional sounds from around the globe, in good taste, without any limitations.

Our first episode, available now, features a 30-minute megamix from one of our favorite DJ/Producers that you may have never heard of before.  Well all of that is about to change, Riverside, California’s Cell Uno has put together a compilation that explores a wide range of sound that literally shape shifts every moment.  Cell’s mix, titled ‘B2A’ (from Beats 2 All-Nations) covers all genres from the LA Beat Scene to Indie Rock, Classic Hip Hop to Funk and Soul, Nova Bossa Nova to modern Jazz, no stone is left unturned.

Enjoy Episode One of Beats of All-Nations Radio, it is a free download, this is also the launch of our Soundcloud, so leave some feedback and pass it around:

We also had a chance to interview Cell Uno, here’s what he had to say about his past, influences and some words about this mix:


Where did it all begin?

As early as i can remember, music called my attention.  Growing up on Rap City and MTV, I was up on shit.  Literally an 8 year old dancing and copping the hits.  I remember r&b and rap being my shit. Polkadots and dancing was the norm.  Singles were the shit back in the day too.  When I got BBD‘s “Poison” single, I felt like my life was complete, no joke.  Native Tongues set the bar super high!  No pun intended.

What about DJing?  When did that come into play?

Always wanted to DJ.  Turned 18 and my mom and step dad put out the $1200 to buy me turntables.  They knew it was a real passion of mine.  I started with 12″ records from visting shops on Melrose [Los Angeles] and Fat Beats.  I remember walking into Fat Beats humming and whistling shit to get the hot tracks I had listened to on Friday Night Flavas or college radio.  I made a mix and submitted it to Fat Beats, but got no love.  I stuck with DJing and began to produce about ‘99 or 2000.

Tell us about your pursuit as a producer.

I put my first shit out around 2004, Branecell, a full LP.  This in my mind was success.  A childhood dream to DJ and make beats.  But to share, was beyond me.  I never imagined hustling my own shit.  I did consignments at Stacks, Rhino Records, Mad Platter and Radio Futura.  Lots of love and thank you’s to Gabe Real (Stacks) and Rachel Jalbert (Rhino).

What have you done as a DJ/Producer since then?

I’ve put out 4 beat albums, an EP with rhymes by Victor Wreck called The Hunger Projects, a mixtape and some live 2×4 stuff with Mike Styles under the name Vinyl Relay and  DJ Undfine has hosted me on his LBC radio show Mad Movement a couple of times as well.  I’ve also been DJing on and off from The Lapa Lounge to Re:Fresh in Pomona and Endangered Beats in Riverside since 2005. I am Much appreciative. In my mind, I am a successful DJ and producer.  Simple fact of putting shit out and sharing is more than I ever expected.  Blessed.

What hardware/software are you producing with currently?

Reason and Axiom25 mainly.

Who are your influences as a producer and DJ?

Everyone. Soundcloud has really pushed the envelope. You may be HOT today, but NOT tomorrow. Everyone has a fair chance at dopeness. Listen with an open ear.

Fortunately for the youth of today, the blank canvas of music doesn’t have to begin with $1200.  How would you advise a youngster who has that same passion you had for music to get started as a DJ?  Should they go for a DJ controller if they have no records and just go completely digital, or do you still point them in the costly direction of tradition?  What about young producers?

No excuses! Some of the dopest DJ’s I know grew up w no equipment. Find out who has gear and become their best friend. Software makes accessibility a lot easier these days as well. If you want it, make it happen.

You are the first featured guest on Beats of All-Nations Radio and with this mix you call “B2A” you have set the bar pretty high.  Tell us about the mix and what exactly you want listeners to walk away with?

Well thought out, organized mix-a megamix really. Set is about 30 minutes, but is comprised of 40-50 virtual tracks. You do the math. I want listeners to walk away with an appreciation of my hard work and skill. This is the type of mixing I enjoy, constant change ups and I hope listeners will have a developed ear for this type of mix too.

What’s Next?

Who knows what the future has in store. All I know is that I love this music thing. I will continue to make beats, continue to mix. I started off as a bedroom DJ/producer and will continue to do so. Playing at shows or parties at Re:Fresh is just icing on the cake.  I am much appreciative when invited to play anywhere.  I take the opportunity very seriously, no matter how big or small the gig.

Last Words/Shout outs?

Shouts to Mike Styles for the constant support, the entire Re:Fresh and Beats of All-Nations crew.  McGutter for the local support and opportunities.  All of my homies for the love and motivation.  Thank you to Beat Cinema for the the support as well.  To my wife for the love and support and to my son who I love dearly.  And the Creator!

Check out more from Cell Uno on Soundcloud.

Artwork for this episode provided by Joey-One of Falcon 23.

If you are interested in submitting music or mixes for future play on Beats of All-Nations Radio, contact us at

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