Sounds & Pounds: Porchlite’s January Chart


What’s good 2014!

New year, new music, new energy. The ten tracks I’m sharing this month are particularly groove heavy. I’m not sure how that happened, it just did. I point that out because heavy grooves channel energy very well. For me, dirty or bottom heavy drums usually create that groove, but the cadence in the lyrics or melodies will do that as well. They keep the energy moving forward and I can say these tracks helped me cruise right on through the busy holiday season and into the new year without skipping a beat. And I’m always thankful for music that has that effect on me. So here you go…Enjoy the music and make sure to show the musicians and artists some love!

1) starRo – In Love

2) submerse – Sayz U

3) Flying Lotus – Colemans Groove (Feat. Andreya Triana & Niki Randa)

4) Ruff Draft x Dibia$e – 8BitterCritter

5) DJ Shadow Feat. Little Dragon – Scale it Back (DJ Kreap Garage Mix)

6) Willie Hale – Groove On (Snakehips edit)

7) IAMNOBODI – Flowers + Apricots & Prunes

8) Iglooghost – Treetunnels (Greyhat Remix)

9) Howls x B.Lewis – 001

10) AlmarieG – Lucid Dream (Edo Lee)


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