Sounds & Pounds: Porchlite’s November Chart


Greetings Musicland!

Here are my top 10 tracks that’ll be on heavy rotation this month.

There’s definitely no shortage of great music out there, especially in this current era of The Producer. From heavy weights like Floating Points and Mr. Carmack to the more obscure ▲▲Σ L D and Vanilla, all of these producers in my opinion are now becoming the focal point in music. In other words, they’re the frontman leading the charge and not just stealthily doing their thing in the background, and I love it!

If you feel there is a shortage I challenge you to dig deeper, it’s everywhere!

And if you’re still coming up empty then just bookmark Beats of All-Nations and we’ll surely hip you to that new new!

So click play, support the artists, and spread the love. Enjoy!


1) Snakehips – On & On (Snakehips Edit)

2) starRo – See Me At The Penthouse (Fund raising to free Mike. P)

3) ▲▲Σ L D – 陷阱

4) Lord Echo feat. Mara TK – Put It In My Head

5) IGLOOGHOST – Cool Sweater


7) Ninetoes – Finder (Original)

8) Floating Points – Wires

9) Vanilla – Into My Eyes

10) AbJo x Mr. Carmack – Day 10: w/ AbJo

One comment on “Sounds & Pounds: Porchlite’s November Chart

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