REVIEW: M.I.A. ‘Matangi’ (HEAR IT NOW)



Remember, Remember the Fifth of November…

While everyone ran out to get Eminem‘s newest today, we sat back over the last couple of days streaming M.I.A.‘s long overdue fourth album, Matangi. Sounds straight from Sri-Lanka, and it’s sounding quite nice over here.

Pitchfork may have you believe that the album was shelved for a little too long and has aged a bit, but lets be real.

A few of the, still relevant, singles did in fact drop a while back (“Only 1 U” & “Bad Girls”), yet there is no denying that the music is still very fresh.   Add to the mix the international roll call on the title track “Matangi,” “Karmageddon” and even a couple shots popped at Drizzy Drake.  M.I.A.’s rhymes are quintessential over more drum patterns than one can handle (it’s no wonder she tapped Kiran Gandhi to drum her live shows), plus enough mantras and chants to make Yeezus sound tame.  With a fair share of traditional instrumentation and neo-electronic sound this album is straight up, Beats of All-Nations, recommended and approved!

You can stream Matangi here, but if you can’t handle the YouTube ads for One Direction in between some of the tracks, just pick up the album on iTunes or in the physical.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Go ahead now…”Drink a mint tea by The Red Sea”

Mike Styles 

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