Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific 231


From ‘Sound of the Police’ to this new French Minimal release…Cut Chemist got them Beats of All-Nations! Get the FUNK OFF now and receive a free bonus mix. We’ve been buggin’ out to this one all day!!!

This week marked the worldwide digital release of Cut Chemist presents FUNK OFF: Vox Populi! and Pacific231. FUNK OFF is a definitive compilation of French minimal synth groups, Vox Populi! and Pacific231.

We are so happy to share this incredible music by these two very influential bands. This project will be the beginning of the next phase that will end with the new Cut Chemist artist album later next year. Check out the trailer for this project by Tom Fitzgerald (Cut Chemist’s Live Visual Artist & Director of Edan’s Echo Party) and purchase the album below.

BUY ALBUM ON BANDCAMP NOW! (includes Bonus Megamix)

Download Cut Chemist presents Funk Off: Vox Populi! and Pacific 231 in its entirety now on Bandcamp and receive Cut Chemist’s 30 Minutes of Funk Off! Megamix for FREE!

or iTunes.

Stay tuned for more exclusive material surrounding this project over the next few weeks!

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