Thursday! Con Todo @ La Cita, Los Angeles




With a successful first show last month Con Todo decided to keep the good vibes flowing! This month we’re bring something for everybody. Cumbia, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dance Hall, Brazilian Beats and Fresh Emcees.

Quita Penas will be blessing the stage with their tropical styles hailing from the Inland Empire where the Heat don’t stop! check out their music and come get down to this live performance!

Bocafloja Quilombo-Oficial will be there too! Last week while in Harlem NY I ran into Bocafloja and heard he was going to be in CA. This doesn’t happen often enough so please don’t miss out on this Academic Emcee from Coyoacan, Mexico City. Check out his message and come be one of the lucky ones.

Cambio Quilomboarte is just making it that much more official. Quilombo Arte is now in effect with this addition to the line up. All the way from the Central Bay! Check out his page and listen to this man.

Mike Styles is an incredible Dj from Beats of All-Nations and ReFresh Pomona and has been rocking the scene for many years now. His styles truly portray the purity of the music and culture from all around the world. He has an extensive knowledge of the Brazilian style so make sure you wax your… dancing shoes because he is a G in the String of hits. (no pun intended)

Dj El Ethos will be rocking along side Jungle City Sound bringing you an organic visual and sonic experience with Lola‘s hypnotic moves and Orlando‘s drum rhythms. Crating a unique blend of LAVA JUICE.


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