Bongo Rock vs. Tabla Rock!

Recently while digging in San Diego, I came across the Ubiquity 2011 release of Shawn Lee’s Incredible Tabla Band…I had never heard of the album before, but there was a familiarity in the cover art that made me realize exactly what I should expect when I dropped the needle.  As you can see by the photo I had some fun with above, the album “Tabla Rock” is a play on Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band’s 1972 release “Bongo Rock.”  You know, the joint with “APACHE.”  Shawn Lee’s approach, as explained in the linear notes, was simple.  Though “APACHE” was covered every which way, tastefully and not so, there had never surfaced a version featuring tabla and sitar.  So instead of executing on that interest, Shawn Lee and his Incredible Tabla Band sought out to cover the entire “Bongo Rock” album and a couple of other choice cuts from their predecessors.  The album is very cool, very classy and a must for any backpacker or break dancer to hear.  Check out how they rocked “APACHE”:

-Mike Styles

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