This Saturday! Double Up…Pasadena X Pomona


Join myself, Phyz Edd and LAX at Club Menage for an early round of beats and drinks.  A brand new daytime event, perfect for beautiful California weather like this!  There will be a great amount of drink specials and delicious food options.  I will be DJing from 12pm-4pm, providing a wide range of audio bliss from around the globe.  Check the details below and join in on the festivities.

Then later that night….


Part 2 of our 4 part series, MARCH INTO APRIL, will be going down at our home, DBA256.  The Re:Fresh crew and Label 32 presents “AFTRDRK:  Upon Deaf Ears!”  The line up here is out of control!  Have a look for yourself.  This show is FREE and is certain to go down heavy! 9pm-2am, 21+.  Expect high quality live music all night long!  Early arrival is highly recommended!  Details…

There it is.  From LA to IE, wherever you’re closest to I’d love to see my good music folks at one or both of these events!

-Mike Styles

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