Cut Chemist’s “Sound of the Police” LIVE!!!

Hollywood –     On Friday, March 4, 2011 at six o’clock p.m., recording artist Cut Chemist will be having a special in-store performance at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, in conjunction with his latest release Sound of the Police.  Unlike any typical DJ set, Cut Chemist will be sticking to the self conceived format of Sound of the Police, performing with one turntable, a mixer, a loop pedal and all original vinyl, from South America to East Africa.  Following the show Cut Chemist will make himself available for a meet and greet with fans, and there will be a limited number of giveaways at the event.  Early arrival is highly suggested.

     Originally Sound Of The Police was only intended to be a one time performance for Mochilla‘s Timeless concert series opening up for Ethiopia’s own Mulatu Astatke in 2009. He recorded the practice session and after the success of that performance he thought it deserved to be heard and seen by as many people as possible. The live performance attempts to be a reenactment of the CD but with cameras on the turntable and loop pedal so the audience understands exactly how the records are being manipulated. “You don’t have to be into DJs to enjoy this show.  It’s like walking a sonic tight rope and the audience gets to see me fall if something goes wrong,” Cut says.  “The interesting parts are when I mess up and fix it. The audience goes crazy and appreciates what a difficult balancing act this actually is.”  The instore this Friday at Amoeba, is currently the last scheduled performance of Sound of the Police in Los Angeles.  Amoeba Music is located at 6400 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA.

     This project in its entirety is really up my alley for audio/visual cultura bliss.   Aside from that Cut continues to push the envelope and has left the DJ moniker long ago, he is a performing artist that understands the structure of music and can break it down to the foundation.  The album is incredible, the live show is amazing.  LA has only had a couple of opportunities to catch this routine live, last week he Cut Chemist blew the lid off of Afro Funke’.  The show at Amoeba will not be stripped down in any way, it is the full “Sound of the Police” experience.  Early arrival is highly suggested so GO!!

Here is a short clip of what “Sound of the Police” looks/sounds like:

-Mike Styles

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