One for Crunchy


On Friday January 28th, as a continued campaign to leaking out archived and unreleased material in lead up to his sophmore album, Cut Chemist dropped a special dedication on his latest.  Jose “Crunchy” Espinosa of Ozomatli, recently lost his battle with cancer.  As a tribute, Cut released a demo version of the group’s 1997 recording of “Timido.”  The track was not officially mixed down, re-recorded and released until Ozo’s second album Embrace the Chaos.  Cut released the track via Soundcloud releasing the statement “This is a demo version of the song ‘Timido’ I have on cassette. This along with other recordings in this session were songs that would later be on our first Ozomatli album. ‘Timido’ was my favorite and didn’t get released until the second album. Here is the original which includes Jose “Crunchy” Espinosa who  with the others did an outstanding arrangement of this song. This ones for you Crunchy. R.I.P.”  In addition to this great track, be sure to check out the previous live mixes Cut Chemist has also released “Disco is Dead (1973-1979)” and “Hip Hop Lives (1983-1996),” and keep up with Cut on his exclusive online campaign.  Cut’s audio archives for this campaign will be available at

Last month, Ozomatli celebrated their 15 year anniversary Quinceañera celebration in Los Angeles.  Below is footage I shot using my phone of Cut Chemist’s solo on “Cut Chemist Suite” along with Chali2na (Jurassic 5).

-Mike Styles

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