Analog Drift: Queremos Harmonia


A little late, (what else is new?) on a new post for the new year.  Originally I planned for this review to be the last post of 2010, which clearly did not happen.  With that being said Happy New Year folks! One noise blower in the atmosphere!…My December was filled with extra work in a positive way, taking upon new opportunities for the new year in continued hope for further expansion.  So far I can report all things have been great in 2011 and I wish the same to you.  Over the last two month’s there has been a constant rotation of a handful of albums.  Albums I consider soundtracks for the warm winter we are having here in beautiful Los Angeles.

One of these albums that I seemed to switch back and forth constantly, with Cut Chemist’s Sound of the Police was Analog Drift by the ground-breaking Chico Mann, a member of the Antibalas Afrobeat OrchestraAnalog Drift (Wax Poetics) could certainly be a nightmare of a challenge, for retailers to categorize; you can almost hear them whispering to themselves, “Latin?  Wait afrobe-, funk, no electronic…I think.”  Chico Mann definitely explores through this wide variety of music genres in true fusionis form without losing a common ground and without boxing himself in at the same time.  The beats are mesmerizing, the chanted choruses are just as intriguing.  Download the track “Ya Yo Sé” HERE via The Fader, if you want to catch my digital drift…For those that like to interpret things on the visual end here is a music video for the song “Ilusion de Ti,” giving a pretty clear perspective behind the retro-synth driven music. 

Speaking of visually dope, how fresh is the cover art for this album?  Enjoy the positive rhythm coming out your speakers and keep it going by supporting gifted independent musicians like Chico Mann.  The music industry is certainly in need of a bailout these days, and these are the times in which revolution happens, so let us continue to push real talent to the forefront in 2011.  In Love and Music.

-Mike Styles

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