Cut Chemist: ‘Sound of the Police’ + Spaceways w/ Carlos Niño


Los Angeles based dj/producer, Cut Chemist has best been known for manipulating the DJ game for years.  Creating new formulas and developing new ways to enhance any dance floor or venue without having worry of sounding like anyone performing before or after.  Cut Chemist broke on the scene as the co-founder of the legendary Los Angeles hip hop group, Jurassic 5 and Grammy Award winning Latin funk outfit, Ozomatli years ago.  These days, he is more so recognized as a standalone artist and more often than not, “the headliner.”  From touring on Shakira’s “Oral Fixation” tour to headlining the Hollywood Bowl with DJ Shadow.  The bio and archives are endless, check out for more info.  Now let’s get into the music.

In February of 2009, Cut Chemist had the opportunity of opening for the Ethiopian legendary composer, Mulato Astatke, for the first installment of Mochilla’s “Timeless” series.  That night, Cut introduced the Los Angeles audience to a variation of what would eventually become “Sound of the Police.”  Released in August of this year, “Sound of the Police,” is a production mix assembled with one turntable, a loop pedal, mixer and original press vinyl from South American and African influence.  The release is a high energy world party on disc, unlike anything I have heard before.  “Sound of the Police” is available for digital purchase and streaming here.  Vinyl and CDs are also available.  “Sound of the Police,” has been made serious noise amongst tastemakers like Gilles Peterson (host “Worldwide,”BBC Radio1) and the KCRW family.

Bonus Material:

On December, 12, 2010 Cut Chemist along with Hymnal did an amazing special in-studio set of American folk and psyche influenced music, using mostly 7” pressings, on Carlos Niño’s “Spaceways Radio” show (90.7 FM, KPFK).  Over an hour of music and interview peeking into the future of Cut Chemist’s vast amount of upcoming releases is downloadable here, made available by the folks of  “Spaceways Radio”  airs live every Sunday from 10pm-12 am.   Take it all in and enjoy.

-Mike Styles

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  2. […] of these albums that I seemed to switch back and forth constantly, with Cut Chemist’s Sound of the Police was Analog Drift by the ground-breaking Chico Mann, a member of the […]

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