Breaking Ground, Brasil



Our first trip to Sao Paulo was like a culture shock, being that we had been to Rio de Janeiro several times before making way to the great SP and to discover what would be awaiting us when we arrived.  In a word, “Music.”  Once we were there, meeting musicians, djs and other artists seemed endless and sometimes effortless, if only we had it this easy in a more familiar Rio.  The music community of Sao Paulo, is so big and submerged in rich talents.  You can compare it to the clichéd “crabs in the bucket,” though not so cut-throat and many times artists spend more time uplifting each other, rather than cutting one another down.  Most members of every band have another project going on many times of a different genre.  So when you see an act rise to the international level, it is a must to pay attention to the noise they are making.

Meet Sao Paulista, Luísa Maita, proclaimed by NPR as the “New Voice of Brazil.”   Maita is beginning a North American tour, at the brink of her newest release Luísa Maita Remixed, out today.  This comes on the heels of her debut album Lero-Lero (Cumbancha Discovery), released early this past summer.  Maita has already reigned #1 on Itunes Latino and Amazon’s Latin bestsellers.  Remixers featured on Maita’s new release include party favors, Da Lata, Seiji, Maga Bo, amongst others.  Though you might not be able to understand the dialect of this songstress captured in the video above, “Alento,” (not remixed) you can certainly get a great taste of modern-day Sao Paulo.  She will be stopping through Los Angeles’ Conga Room next friday, details below.  Don’t sleep on this talented new artist.  Here are some some download links given to us to give to you compliments of Maita’s label, Cumbancha Discovery.  Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD:  “Lero-Lero” here

DOWNLOAD: “Lero-Lero” (DJ Tudo Remix) here

-Mike Styles

7 comments on “Breaking Ground, Brasil

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  3. Nice post Mike!

    I thought your readers would dig these links to some free downloads. Looking forward to the show in LA! Catch her live on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on Nov 18th the day before her gig at the Conga Room.

    in good music,


    Lero-Lero (DJ Tudo Remix)

  4. beatsofallnations says:

    Thanks Simeon I added the links to the post.

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  6. dante says:

    what a beautiful voice to match a beautiful city! A perfect video…devoid of the innercities noise, Maita takes you on a voyage.Which ends with the city singing… beep beep… !

    Dante Donati Hall
    lapa/La/ IE

  7. […] into my worldly shit, and I went to go check out the homie’s blog a few days ago, and saw this post. Perfect opportunity to get on my Brazillian grind! Chances are, Ill find myself at the Conga Room […]

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