Test, test…And we’re back folks.  Sadly, I waited a long time to get into this Héctor Lavoe fellow and even longer to share some of his music with you all.  Gladly, I know that I am sharing the music with some of you who may have not stumbled across Senor Lavoe’s music in the past.  Born, Hector Juan Pérez Martínez, he recorded some all-time salsa classics for a little label called Fania, maybe you heard of it?  However, after recently watching some old footage of Lavoe, I was taken by the energy, the sound and the content that made him such a legend in the world of Nuyorican flavored salsa music.

In short he worked his way up to Fania-fame under the lead of a legendary Willie Colon, as a Fania All-Star he worked with greats like Celia Cruz, he dabbled in drugs, then Santeria and just like that his show was over due to the mass murdering AIDS virus, recently Marc Anthony portrayed him in a movie.  Here is footage of Lavoe performing “Mi Gente” in Zaire, Africa 1974:

I was inspired after seeing a live version of this Puerto Rican anthem from a show live in Puerto Rico on a PBS documentary titled “The Salsa Revolution,” the second part of a well put together series Latin Music, USA (click the link to watch the entire series).  Also available here is Héctor Lavoe’s Greatest Hits, on this collection you get introduction to some of Lavoe’s finest moments including “Mi Gente,” “Aguanile,” and the timeless Colon classic, “Che Che Cole.” 

Download:  Héctor Lavoe – Greatest Hits riiiiiiiggggghtttt HERE.


01 Periodico De Ayer
02 El Cantante
03 Mi Gente
04 Rompe Saraguey
05 El Todopoderoso
06 De Ti Depende
07 Hacha y Machete
08 El Dia De Suerte
09 Todo Tiene Su Final
10 Calle Luna Calle Sol
11 Aguanile
12 Ah-Ah, O-No
13 Che Che Cole
14 El Malo

whew, talk about a multi-media post…Enjoy your weekend folks!

-Mike Styles

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