Bodega [LA]: Carnival Edition 2010!


So I am definitely a couple of weeks late on this one, but only because I have been keeping busy with several very special projects including our new weekly of a continued residency with Re:Fresh at our new location and new night…Every Thursday now, at The Drink @ Fox Theater Pomona.  By the way this week’s guest is a local hip hop hero, Afterdark along with another indie hip hop favorite, DJ Ethos.   You won’t want to miss this…

Now that we’ve gone a step and a half forward, jump back with me a couple of Sundays ago.  On February 21, 2010 I was invited to play a Brazilian set @ Bodega’s Carnival Party in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  I had 3 gigs preceeding it that week so I was unable to prepare the way I would have liked to so I filled up a bag with as many Brazilian party records that I could squeeze into it, brought the laptop along and that was that.

Resident soul music revivalists Cid Hernandez, DeeJay Melaaza, Panamami, Cee Brown and birthday celibratee/host Jessica Grande set the vibe from sundown on Los Angeles.  Upon arrival P.U.D.G.E was  working the crowd with afro-latin rhythms, everything from D’angelo‘s “Spanish Joint” to Sergio Mendes‘ “Alegria,” two records that frequently get spin time on my end.  The live percussion already going on, made this spot extra saucy.  I stepped up without clue of what I would jump into, so I began with one of my favorite Brazilian inspired records from the great J. Dilla, “Rico Suave Bossa Nova,”  from there I tampered with crowd by dabbling into different Brazilian genres, like Brazilian Jazz, Samba Rock, Roots Samba and Batucada.  Artists from Jorge Ben, Wando, Milton Banana, Airto to Clara Nunes.  It wasn’t until the halfway point into my set that I realized the crowd wanted that roots shit, so that’s just what we gave them.  Beyond my belief we had ourselves an authenic samba blanco, just like the Carioca’s in Rio, days before us.  Once the crowd was juiced, my good friend DJ Marlon Fuentes (Batucada com Discos) came in for the kill.   Dropping samba anthems, meanwhile the real heavy artillery, like the sudo drums were carried in and banged out.  Add a couple of authentic vocalists and a little bit of rain, and the release of stress…you know the rest.  To say the least I walked away, of course, thinking of all the songs that I wish I would have played, but glad I was well received with what I did put down.  Check out the flicks below and be sure to check out Bodega as it pops off every couple of weeks.  Here is my mix from the night, a little slippery at times, but the songs speak strongly to the culture and vibe. 

Mike Styles – Live @ Bodega: Carnival Edit (Download)

Recommended Listening:  Mike Styles “Inner City Samba”

“Turntable alters,

 Batucada offerings–

 Bodega rain dance

–Haiku by Hugo Nelson Chavez

-Mike Styles

5 comments on “Bodega [LA]: Carnival Edition 2010!

  1. Jessica says:

    You captured a carnaval so well! What a celebration of life. This is what makes me an optimist forever.

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  3. […] be several special performances including live percussion throughout the night by Bobby and Morgan (Bodega Sound System), a live showcase by samba dancers from Samba, Samba and a very special performance by A Mic and […]

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