Vintage Brazilian Funk


It seems as if every other post on this blog is apologetic about how long its been since the previous post for those of you who check in with us regularly, as well as you newer readers.  I will leave it at that and would like to welcome all of you to Beats of All-Nations, the 2010 edition.  This year more posts, more often, we promise…  This year we will begin sharing with you interviews and video segments of our ongoing journey to see what moves the world’s counter cultures.

First up to bat for twenty-ten is Bicho Baile Show.  A live show that makes record collectors and MPB (Musica Popular Brasilera) enthusiasts salivate.  Legendary tropicaliast, General Caetano Veloso standing in on vocals with one of our favorite group’s Banda Black Rio.  For some reason I usually don’t gravitate towards live albums.  As much as I love live music it is usually not the same experience to hear it pre-recorded.  However I do make exceptions and when a good friend in Brazil shared this album with me last year, I was stuck on it for a very long time. On this collaboration, we hear Caetano like never before on any of his solo albums.  Bicho Baile Show is Caetano Veloso in Afro-Brasiliero style,  you can feel such energy on tracks like the opening, “Odara” and “Two Naira Fifty Kobo,” as both Veloso and the band do renditions of several of their own classic recordings together. Banda Black Rio’s version of their cult-classic, “Maria Fumaça” is a special treat that comes equiped with a very nice break as well.   Banda Black Rio alone, smoothly transitions through songs with improv and breaks as Caetano Veloso is like a second helping of desert, nonetheless the cherry on top.  The show was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, 1978.  I hope you will enjoy.  DOWNLOAD HERE.


1. Intro/Odara
2. Odara
3. Tigresa
4. London, London
5. Na Baixa do Sapateiro
6. Leblon Via Vaz Lobo
7. Maria Fumaça
8. Two Naira Fifty Kobo
9. Gente
10. Alegria, Alegria
11. Baião
12. Caminho Da Roça
13. Qualquer Coisa
14. Chuva, Suor E Cerveja
Check back soon for more music and please be sure to leave some feedback, make suggestions and ask any questions regarding the blog or Beats of All-Nations Project.  This Saturday, January 16, I will be DJing alongside JB (Mic at Dimlights) at Re:Fresh where we mix up genres from Samba, Soul, Afro-Beat, Hip Hop and head-nodders from around the globe.  Check us out at DBA256 (wine bar and gallery)  256 S. Main St. (Cross 3rd), Downtown Pomona.  Event is from 9pm-2am and is free.

 -Mike Styles

6 comments on “Vintage Brazilian Funk

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  2. roulette says:

    Krass! Hätte ich garnicht gedacht…

  3. […] soundclashes like Portugal’s Baruka Som Sistema grouped in competition with Brazil’s Caetano Veloso, also featured in a previous post with Banda Black Rio.  Enjoy the […]

  4. […] soundclashes like Portugal’s Baruka Som Sistema grouped in competition with Brazil’s Caetano Veloso, also featured in a previous post with Banda Black Rio.  You can imagine how difficult to be […]

  5. Super awesome writing! Honestly..

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