Cuba’s New School


Born on the outskirts of Cuba, now living in Canada, Alex Cuba hits hard with his sophmore endeavor Agua del Pozoon released on September 16, 2009 on Caracol Records.  On this 6-track sampler is just a taste of the pure neo-cubano heat Cuba brings to the platform.  Think ska-pop-salsa-two-step infusion, with influences like Marvin Gaye, Carlos Santana and working with the likes of Nelly Furtado, you can see how the music is so often referred to as a “cuban cocktail.”  This cat rips it on guitar too.  The title track here is a dance floor bender and “Fiesta Religion” is one of my other favorites.  I must insist you go beyond this sampler and listen to the whole album as it is refreshing for the soul.  Click here for the album promo DOWNLOAD.


1. “Si Pero No”
2. “Tu Boca Lo Quita”
3. “Agua Del Pozo”
4. “Penita En La Cara”
5. “Y Que Bongo”
6. “Fiesta Religion”

Oh and here’s a video for the title track too, for you visual listeners, check it out and enjoy.


4 comments on “Cuba’s New School

  1. ericsoul says:

    dude I gotta start coming back to your page, fam! What’s been good with you?

  2. beatsofallnations says:

    all good man. i got some good stuff coming up on here been far long enough. keep on doin your thing. peace.

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