Black Love


This is hands down one of my favorite jazz albums of all time.  Carlos Garnett and a very strong supporting cast kill on the 1974 Muse release Black Love.  The strength of the title track alone will give anyone goosebumps upon first listen, and perhaps every time thereafter.  This was the saxophonist’s first release as a frontman and on this album we get a mix of every side of Mr. Garnett.  Personal influences that include latin jazz, rhythm and blues, Panamanian and African roots music.  Having previously worked in the shadows and alongside the likes of Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Tito Puente and Dom Um Romao, you can get an idea of how good this album could sound.  The album was recorded in only two sessions and featured some very talented cats in their own right, like Norman Connors (drums), Mtume (congas) and Charles Sullivan (trumpet) to name a few of the 14-piece arrangement.  Imagine a more spiced up Sun Ra, if I dare make such an analogy.  Enjoy this heavy hitter, this one is more developed listening, a real spiritual odyssey.  Download Here.

Tracklist: (Each selection written and arranged by Carlos Garnett)

1. Black Love
2. Ebonesque
3. Banks Of The Nile
4. Mother Of The Future
5. Taurus Woman


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