It seems like more than a year ago that JB and I, got involved with the reformation of Downtown Pomona’s Art Colony.  Though the city was literally pumping some money back into, what was the literal foundation of the 909’s regional arts and music scene, we brought a different flavor to the menu of the colony’s already diverse nightlife.  JB and Besskepp, hosts of A Mic and Dimlights, an  eight years and running open mic poetry night, have rode the biggest wave in the city.  Through the good and the bad in the city’s reputation, our community as well as many in Los Angeles knows that every Thursday  night poetry is going on somewhere in Downtown P-Town.  This must be applauded. 

A couple of years back Pomona’s 2nd Saturday Art Walks brought life back to the area, considering the Glass House had for some reason began loosing its once, cheered reputation.  Venues like the abandoned Taco Nazo, were ramped up by new owners pushing Mediterranean Cuisine a block away from good BBQ, Pho and Sushi spots.  As well as a couple of modern bars to mix in with some city landmarks like the infamous Fox Theatre who renovated and reopened recently.  Things are looking up for the area.  So we invite you to Re:Fresh The 1 year Anniversary this Saturday.  Come out and see Pomona if you haven’t been, or haven’t been within the last couple of years.  Lounge with us at the dba256 where wine meets art, needless to say the beer selection is ridiculous.  The art rotates every month, while JB and I share with you really good music from all over the world and all over the soul spectrum.  This Saturday we have some very nice surprises lined up for you as well as “classic album cover” cupcakes brought to you by My Delight Cupcakery.  Everything is free so please take advantage and celebrate with us.

Now here’s something funky the whole fam can enjoy!  Stevie Wonder in his prime doing “Superstition” on Sesame Street, and killin’ it.

-Mike Styles

One comment on “RE:FRESHing GOOD TIME

  1. […] This Saturday, January 16, I will be DJing alongside JB (Mic at Dimlights) at Re:Fresh where we mix up genres from Samba, Soul, Afro-Beat, Hip Hop and head-nodders from around the […]

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