Record Breakin’ Sampler


     First of all it has been far too long since our last post, I am sure you will agree, but wait no more.  Now lets get straight to business.  Record Breakin’ Music is an indie-soul based label out of Philadelphia, founded in ’07 by DJ Junior host of Eavesdrop Radioon WKDU, an outlet for all things good in audio output.  So far the label has launched some noteworthy compilations as well as a limited edition 7” series that features new artists on the rise.

     This exclusive sampler has a little something for everyone and is a very special treat for lover’s of good music, regardless of the genre.   Some familiar movers and shakers on here such as M64, a new collabo project with Ohmega Watts and Ragen Fykes who bring some Brazilian laced soul to table.  Meanwhile Bugz in the Attic‘s Daz-I-Kue offers up a head-nodding Detroit style hip hop remix for DnS.  Though the bulk of this sampler features some really fresh talent including Lil’  Dave who gets percussion heavy on the bugged out “Cafe Cubana,” and the Swedish soul sensation Kissey Asplund, who I had a chance to open for at a Soul People show in Los Angeles.  Don’t sleep on this sampler and keep your ear to the ground for this labels upcoming releases in the near future.  Get more info at  Have at it!



1. Lil’ Dave – “Cafe Cubana”
2. M64 – Ragen Fykes + Ohmega Watts – “Rhythm of the Drum”
3. Dotmatic – “Lotus”
4. vicelounge ft. Dee Ferguson – “Dear Man” (Original Version)
5. Joy Jones – “The Joy” (Daru’s Drop It Mix)
6. Anthony Valadez – “Go” (ft. Wendisue & John Robinson)
7. Spinnerty – “Foundation Pt 2″ (ft. Replife)
8. Kissey Asplund – “Move Me”
9. DnS – “GUM” (Daz-I-Kue Remix)


2 comments on “Record Breakin’ Sampler

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  2. arno says:

    Really great job here ! I found you with a webresearch for Kissey Ausplund. I just have to say follow your job. Merci beaucoup !

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