Def do Mos.



Dante do Brasil.  Most people either love Mos Def or they gripe about the way he defies genre boundaries.  Though its been a long road for the performing artist, from the days of “Body Rock” and “Definition,”  Mos Def continues to push the envelope with his latest endeavor, The Ecstatic.  This time in favor of world flavor.  The album features tracks used from Beat Konducta’s India, and other top notch production including the likes of Chad Hugo, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Oh No.  The two tracks that impressed me the most, for obvious reasons, were produced by Preservation from New Jersey, who seems to be making big moves with some legendary emcees.  The album is worth a listen for everyone who have been waiting for the politically minded, Mos Def to lean back on Hip Hop.

The first track here is “Quiet Dog Bite Hard,”  it samples a batucada track, that I haven’t quite traced yet, equipped with a brazilian surdo (a samba bass drum) and soulful hand claps.  This will liven up any party for sure.  Check it out here:  Mos Def – Quiet Dog Bite Hard.

The next selection here is the last track on the album, titled “Casa Bey,” and rightfully so, it is co-produced by Mos Def.  The sample comes from Banda Black Rio’s version of “Casa Forte,” written and originaly performed by Edu Lobo.  As of late we have been working really close with Banda Black Rio, so this song really struck a chord with me, and to see one of my favorite emcee’s rhyme over this was nice.  Though it hasn’t been the first time Hip Hop dabbed into Musica Brasileira (i.e. Pharcyde’s “Runnin’,” Black Eyed Peas debut album, Madvillainy, etc.), everytime Brazilian music is sampled by musicians of this fortitude, it continues to open up doors for people to endorse new cultures through music and that is Beats of All-Nations.  Experience it here:  Mos Def – Casa Bey.

On that note this Saturday, JB and I would like to invite So. Cal heads out to an event that bridges the gap between music genres from Samba, Soul to Hip Hop.  For nearly a year Re:Fresh has brought a unique vibe to Pomona’s dba256 wine bar/art lounge.  We are only doing it once a month so don’t miss out on one of  the freshest social get downs outside of Los Angeles.  P.S. No cover charge.  Here’s the info:


-Mike Styles

6 comments on “Def do Mos.

  1. Eric says:

    Yo! this is a dope review! I was going to do a review on this album, but instead… is it cool with you if i posted it on my blog?

  2. beatsofallnations says:

    yeah just link it up brother. thanks for checkin us out!

  3. […] Def do MosThe album features tracks used from Beat Konducta’s India, and other top notch production including the likes of Chad Hugo, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Oh No. The two tracks that impressed me the most, for obvious reasons, were produced by … […]

  4. […] tropicaliast, General Caetano Veloso standing in on vocals with one of our favorite group’s Banda Black Rio.  For some reason I usually don’t gravitate towards live albums.  As much as I love live […]

  5. David says:

    hey, ive been looking far and wide for an answer to this. but if you listen to a live performance of casa bey at governors island, nyc he samples some batucada in there near the end. can someone help me out?

    • beatsofallnations says:

      What’s up Dave? I hadn’t seen this footage before, but man Mos Def never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing… It is good to see him delve into Musica Brasiliera. I will have to update this post seeing that the links are broken. The song in question that transitions in the end is “Morte do Amor” on Antonio Adolfo e Jocafi’s 1971 album MUDEI DE IDEIA (RCA). I will post the album soon. Thanks for inquiring here, glad we can help. -mikestyles.

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