The Tempting Temptation



On his second solo album after leaving the Temptations, Eddie Kendricks kills with heartfelt soul on the Tamla release,  My People…Hold onPlenty of familiar breaks on this one, but this album is much more meaningful than that alone.  In 1972, Neil Diamond, Carole King and Cat Stevens reigned supreme in the states.  The Rolling Stones were already putting out Best of’s and soul music in the US was focused, respectfully on Al Green and Bill Withers.  Mix that with some ongoing Cold War, Gil Scott Heron, Vietnam and a dash of Watergate Scandal.  You have now inherited the mood of Eddie Kendricks, spiritually rich album.  There is plenty here for you to ingest and be inspired by here, on all aspects of soul music.  Even with the irony of walking in the rain, the album fits the feeling in the air for today.

Download Here:  My People…Hold On

  1. If You Let Me
  2. Let Me Run into Your Lonely Heart
  3. Day by Day
  4. Girl You Need a Change of Mind
  5. Someday We’ll Have a Better World
  6. My People Hold On
  7. Date with the Rain
  8. Eddie’e Love
  9. I’m on the Sideline
  10. Just Memories
  11. Date with the Rain (Disco Edit)

 -Mike Styles

2 comments on “The Tempting Temptation

  1. mais mais mais… eo quero mais zorra!!! music cultural!!… one love Fam!

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