The Love Movement.



Here is another favorite, may we introduce you to Copa 7, and their 1979 debut LP “O Som do Copa 7,” a hard find even in Brazil.  Top Tape is the label here, as it was on the recently reported “Festa do Macoco,” also released in 79.  Copa 7 comes straight from the American funk infused Black Rio Movement, which included super funky groups like Banda Black Rio, Brasil Show and União Black.  Though the music is heavy some mellow cuts keep the mood balanced and versatille enough to play at any junction.  Still not sold?  Imagine throwing American funk legends like James Brown and the Meters in the blender with the post-bossa nova likes of Tim Maia and Jorge Ben.  We’ve been bumpin’ this one for awhile and were sure once you here it you will too. 

Download Here:  O Som do Copa 7

Track List
01 – Fofoqueira (Dionísio)
02 – Gangorra (Dionísio)
03 – Mulher Absoluta (Paulo César / Leonel / Lourenço)
04 – Plantei Vagem Deu Feijão (Rock Rural) (Simões / Velasco)
05 – Santo Maior (Esmeraldo)
06 – Anseio (Lourenço)
07 – Depende (Bunn / Geraldinho)
08 – Aos Trancos e Barrancos (Moisés Costa / Beto Soares)
09 – Rosa (Neguinho da Beija-Flor / Damião)
10 – Criola (Lúcio Machado)
11 – Som do Copa 7 (Carlinhos PQD / Serginho Meriti)

-Mike Styles

4 comments on “The Love Movement.

  1. dope blog!, but the links are not working for downloads… one love
    listen crew

  2. […] mention all the artists featured on the mix in no particular order.   Artists include J. Dilla, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Madlib, Curtis Mayfield, Jazzanova, Squarepusher, J. Rawls, Ohio Players, Cannonball […]

  3. […] full of percussion, hand claps and traditional samba chorus.  The 2nd tune in the line up was from Jorge Ben, “Hermes Trismegisto Escreveu” from the Africa Brasil (1976) album.  I chose to […]

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