Introducing Beats of All-Nations



     World music as a scene has not been popularized in the masses, however the level of influence it has on the alternative music scene in the Western world points to the obvious. Thought Clouds Music has developed the concept of a project that digs deep into the counter-cultural lifestyles of the world. The project named “Beats of All-Nations,” takes on the challenge to explore the current music scenes around the world that goes beyond the typical nomenclature, by researching the arts and lifestyles that come with it in its unpopularized and raw form. The encounter would be documented, and the content would then be put on display for the rest of the world to experience through different modes of multi-media.

     Beats of All-Nations, is setup to become a documented series focusing on the alternative lifestyles from cultures all over the world, from independent music to graffiti art, to history and general contributions to humanity through a range of multi-media instruments. Our first installation in the forthcoming series is titled “Foco em Brasil.” We have chosen to begin with Brazil because of its current rise in global appeal. We have taken note that over the last several years Brazilian music has had serious influence on counter-culture music scenes, from Hip Hop to House and even Rock genres.  Brazilian music itself has become quite a dancefloor delicacy from the best of tastemakers around the globe.  Though Brazilian music has been recognized for its originality in its many different genres, there has been little to educate music devotees about what uniqueness surrounds the biggest country in South America. Thought Clouds plans to use Beats of All-Nations as a tool to educate enriched cultural appreciation. This particular focus promises to illustrate the musical and art culture of the Brazilian inhabitance. 


This blog has been set up as a platform for music, culture and life devotees.  We will share our world encounters with you as this project grows and hope that you will share yours with us as well.  There will also be music downloads, video streams, album reviews and event notifications.  Enjoy and please leave us all of your feedback as it is our main concern.


3 comments on “Introducing Beats of All-Nations

  1. […] especially excited about this show because Seu Jorge plays a huge role in our upcoming documentary Beats of All-Nations:  Foco em Brasil.  The City of God star (remember Knockout Ned?), has had an amazing career, releasing five albums […]

  2. […] please be sure to leave some feedback, make suggestions and ask any questions regarding the blog or Beats of All-Nations Project.  This Saturday, January 16, I will be DJing alongside JB (Mic at Dimlights) at […]

  3. […] guest selections from Thought Clouds Culture Collective and the project under development: ”Beats of All-Nations:  Foco em Brasil.”  I was asked to share four special records that I recently purchased in Brazil, while […]

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